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"The Surprises in the Mueller Report"

By now, everyone is aware that the Mueller investigation is over and has had a chance to digest some of what it says, whether you've listened to news reports or read the actual report, yourself.  I tried to download it, but was unable to, for some reason, so I have yet to read anything except excerpts that have been been printed (or posted) online.  

I ran across the article, which is the title of my thread, in Politico that contains comments and insights by several legal professors, attorneys, etc regarding the report.  It's quite interesting and presents different thoughts on the report.  


I'm curious as to other thoughts regarding the report.
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I think the investigation was a waste of time and a waste of money.  Political theater, if you will.  
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I guess it's turned out that way since not all the information is being released and nobody is doing anything about what they do have.
Try this link Barb:

Thank you, Mike... although I haven't read it all, I do have a copy of the redacted version of the Mueller report.  What I meant was that the unredacted version, along with other information hasn't been released, as requested (I know some information can't be released to the public) and nothing is really being done about what has been released - or so it appears.  

Trump goes his merry way, lying about the results, insisting that he was "exonerated" when we can clearly see that wasn't the case, getting away with "executive privilege", which in this case attempts to put the President above the law and should also constitute obstruction of justice since he's hindering Congress from doing their job.  No doubt, it will all end up before the Supreme Court, which is what he's hoping for.  It's not only a delaying tactic, but since the Supreme Court is now stacked in his favor, he just might win the case...

I guess I'm just impatient because I'm tired of seeing/hearing his atrocities on a daily basis and can't help wonder what it will take for Republicans in Congress and his base to finally say "enough is enough"...
I can't believe that I actually know people who still stand for this guys BS.  These were people that I used to think were stand up, rock solid people who would have never stood for garbage like this, from anyone.... but here they are just lapping it up.  
If you're referring to Trump, I couldn't  agree with you more.  If any other President we've ever had had done half of what he's done, they would have been impeached a long time ago.  Now here he is, still blocking Congress from doing their job by  claiming all this executive privilege, etc and nobody is willing to even TRY to stop him...

I guess it's like they say - if you tell the lies enough times, to enough people, they'll  believe it's true...
Yeah, I'm talking about Trump.  For the life of me....  I'll never be able to figure this out.  I've heard some of the dumbest things come out of what I used to believe were reasonable people's mouths in defense of this guy.  It is crap that these people never, ever would have stood for coming from anyone!  I just don't get it.  I've tried...I just don't get it.
And it gets worse every day, with him telling Congresswomen to "go back where they came from" and to clean up the corrupt, inept governments of their own countries... does he not stop to think the corrupt, inept government to which he's referring is that of this country since this is the country in which 3 of those women were born and the 4th has been a citizen for years?  And I'm not hearing anyone mention that.

I see people with which I went to school who call themselves Christians trying to convince all the rest of us (and I consider myself a Christian) that Trump is not a racist.  I can't, for the life of me, figure out what else they'd call it if not racism.  
He's pitiful.  He doesn't have 1 redeeming quality.  All of this is maddening.  The bar for what is acceptable has apparently been lowered to an all time low.  The republican party is a disaster and anyone within the party defending him is worse than that.  The democrat party isn't any better.  I don't like and or trust any politicians at this point.  
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