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Think inflation will do Democrats in in the midterms?

I must admit that for the first time in an oh so very long time, prices of everything are inflated. I heard gas may go to 4 bucks a gallon and to grocery shop, it's noticeably more expensive.  I'm wondering how this will affect mid terms.  
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It's already over $4 per gallon in California. Although much of this has nothing to do with who is in power, it indeed could affect the vote.
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I agree and that worries me. I think our country is at a very dangerous inflection point and any factor that inclines republican vote concerns me. I think most reasonable people will agree that the Republican Party is more of a cult these days than it is a party. I find that terrifying.
Yes and as always big  monied interests are in control actually of both parties. This is why we aren't seeing any real action in dealing with climate change.
Hey, Mike and orphanedhawk - it's good to see you both again.  

I agree that Republicans are looking to latch onto anything they think might give them a leg up, even if it's not legitimate.   I definitely agree that the Republican party is more of a cult these days.  It's getting so out of hand.  

All I have to do is read the news and learn of "stuff" my own governor is coming up with, or backing and I get scared.   Even more horrifying is the number of people that think he's great.   I  have to wonder when someone, anyone will try to put the brakes on and stop this madness.
Hi Mike, Long time, no hear.
Yes, I agree. I have long time Republican neighbors who don't know which way to turn. One said flat out, during the last election that she couldn't vote for Trump. I'm not sure if she voted at all. One thing is we are too divided as a country.
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From what I'm reading the SCOTUS overturn of Roe v Wade has had a huge bearing on the people that are going to vote.  Some that wouldn't, will, simply because of that and will vote for Dems that support the right to abortion.  
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I don't think so, since The SCOTUS is not controlled by The House, Senate, or WH, The Democrats are in a lot of trouble and it will take more than this to bail them out. I am not a Republican but when I see  Biden I am embarrassed and feel sorry for him and after Trump, I question, is a President really needed?  
I disagree… you’re right that SCOTUS in’t controlled by any branch of the government.  I don’t think the Democrats are in nearly as much trouble at you think.   Republicans are getting so radical about everything that they’re turning people off.  They certainly have me…  

I’m not al that set on Biden, either, but I’ll take him over Trump or DeSantis any day.  

“Is a President really needed?”  I suppose someone has to be at the top of food chain.  :-)
I am curious. Make a list of all the things you see the Republicans are Radical about. Remember, Abortion Rights are left to the individual  State's Government so, other than a Veto, even The Governor's position is Mute. We have agree to disagree on the trouble that The Democrats are in. From the Outside Looking In, they appear to be looking in pretty bad shape. The election is still too far away to take seriously. I don't think they're through scripting The  2024 Hunger Games yet. Don't forget my list! Just let it all out. LOL
Well, of course, I’m going to start with the abortion issue because Republicans are going way overboard with the bans.   I’m getting tired of reading about women with life-threatening pregnancies, still born fetuses, etc that they’re not allowed to abort.  I find it thoroughly disgusting that a bunch of old white men with no medical training think they’re qualified to make those decisions when most of them don’t have a clue as to how the female body works.   I’m sure you know that Kansas even put abortion up for a vote among the population and they voted to retain abortion rights - now the legislature is working on banning it, in spite of popular opinion.   If they do, they might not get voted back in, but will have implemented laws that the majority of the populace is against.

In my state, they’ve passed the, what’s been dubbed as “Don’t say gay” bill which means that teachers/school personnel can’t discuss gay/gender issues with students, even if a student (child) seeks them out.   Children are a lot more intuitive than a lot of parents and sometimes teachers or other school personnel are more reliable confidants (and much safer) than talking with parents.   Teachers being required to “out” these children could eliminate the only outlet and safety the children have.

Also in my state, parents are able to force libraries to get rid of whatever books they don’t like.  Just because you might not think a book is appropriate for your 8th grader, doesn’t mean it should be removed from a library because it might actually be totally appropriate for my 5th grader…  Parents can decide what their own children should/can read, but they have no right to decide what my children should/can read.  

I won’t even get into the religion aspect but like other things, it’s definitely going overboard.  

Then there’s CRT - I won’t go into that either because it’s only taught in some college courses, but has been banned in public schools - this is in my state.  I can’t speak for other states.  

Let’s not forget immigration and DeSantis using taxpayer funds to fly immigrants from TEXAS (not Florida, but Texas) to Martha’s Vineyard without giving any advance notice/warnings.  That was nothing but a political stunt to garner attention for his 2024 Presidential bid.  

That’s probably not all, but it’s enough.   We can certainly agree to disagree; I have no problem with that and I’m always willing to admit I might be wrong if something comes along to change my mind.  

I hope you’re doing well.  :-)

Hey Barb, I'm going to be out of pocket for a couple of days. I didn't want you to I'm ignoring you. I'm looking forward To the dissection of your post. LOL As usual we agree on some things and some we don't.
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