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Thoughts on Canadian Trucker protests?

Does anyone besides me see the irony of those who scream about how covid lock downs and restrictions harmed their business and the economy now supporting this trucker protest that is also disrupting business and the economy?  
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Yes, the irony is very evident.  All of covid has disrupted life around the world, so why continue to disrupt it by supporting protests like this one?  

I’ve read that some Canadian Provinces have lifted their testing/mask requirements.  

I haven’t been following all of this, so I need to do more research.  It seems like it might be getting out of hand though, since they continue to protest.  
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I hope they don't give in.  It was likely going to happen soon anyway but this is type of thing shouldn't be rewarded.  They are talking about taking the trucking protests and disruptions to more and more places.  I find it just so hypocritical!
It sounds like one of the bridges has been opened now.  The one that Ontario to Detroit - I think.

I just read that protestors have been arrested near the Montana crossing, as well.  Police found long guns, armor, a machete and LOTS of ammunition.  I'm pretty sure all of that is illegal in Canada since they have strict gun laws.

I agree that this type of thing shouldn't be rewarded.  
I agree. It’s hypocritical and counter productive and stupid.
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