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Views on SCOTUS overturning Roe…

I’m just wondering what y’all think of Roe v Wade being over-turned and what’s going to happen with reproductive rights in the near future.  It seems pretty scary to me.
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The SCOTUS did their jobs. The 14th Amendment has nothing to do with Abortion and should have never been "slid" in there. I'm surprised it took this long to be contested. We have to set our abortion views aside and concentrate on why they voted the way they did.
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Okay - if we set our abortion views aside, why did they vote the way they did?
Because Abortion was approved under the 14th Amendment which has nothing to do with abortion. They didn't vote against abortion they were voting to correct a wrong in the Constitution.. (which is their job)It's been quite a while since I read it but, if memory serves me correctly, The 14th Admenmant is about The Right to Privacy.
Our medical records are private... abortion is a medical procedure and should be kept private just as any other procedure.  HIPPA created protection of our medical records and more control over our health information.  
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BTW...my oldest and his wife and kids just moved to Titusville, FL....SUPER jealous. I love Florida!!
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LOL - we've been here for 30 yrs and love it, also, but certainly don't love the politics.  :-)
My daughter moved outside of Tampa a couple of years ago.
Hey R - long time no see.  How does your daughter like living in FL?   What does she think of our Governor that's "wanna be President"?  
Hey Barbe, she loves it but after living in La. your entire life anywhere is a step up. We don't really see a need to discuss politics because we both know they're ALL full of doo doo and despise them all. My new way of voting is to keep the House and Senate split. This will prevent any control. I no longer see Red or Blue I see Brown.
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Are you really wanting an answer....lol....I noticed no one has commented. Same with my friends, the ones that are mad are SUPER vocal but I ha 've some that are glad and quiet.
Me, personally, I'm glad for the decision to take it out of the federal hands and put it back to the states. I'm not against abortion and I think it should be legal....to 12 weeks...after that other arrangements have to be made. I live in Louisiana and we have the trigger laws (which were written a long time ago). My hope is our legislation will revisit this topic and put it to a statewide vote. I believe that was the goal....each state decide for themselves.
AGAIN....this is my opinion!
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Actually, I did want an answer and appreciate yours.  

Personally, I’m disappointed in the ruling, for a variety of reasons, but mostly because putting it back into control of the states isn’t going to allow it to come to a state vote.   Too many states have the trigger laws and will let them go into effect - some as early as 6 weeks, when many women don’t even know they’re pregnant.  

My state, FL, has a 15 week law, which is better than 6 weeks, but they don’t have exceptions to protect the life of the mother or if the embryo might have irreversible issues, if the pregnancy is the result of rape/incest.  I don’t expect to see this issue come up for statewide votes in very many states, certainly not mine.  

I’m totally against any state not providing exceptions in the case of rape or incest… Sorry, but the dimwits writing these laws are, typically, old white guys that have no concept of what it’s like to carry a fetus to term and deliver a baby, knowing that fetus was conceived during rape or incest.  The psychological effect of having to go through that could be devastating for young girls/women.  

In the case of a 12/13 yr old, they might not know they’re pregnant and are too scared to tell anyone they might have been raped or abused by, say, a family member.  

All in all, I’m very disappointed in the Supreme Court and have very little respect for, or belief, in them because they’ve gone to political vs strictly the law.  
I do intend to contact my legislation to make sure we are going to put this to a vote. Our governor is a Democrat (I am conservative) and didn't vote for him but he is EXTREMELY pro-life....so I'm not totally seeing how this is going to play out.

To me....the SC did exactly what the law stated....put the responsibility back on the states. If the majority of people in a state want it....it will pass. In talking with my friends...2 are extremely mad, 2 extremely happy and the rest of us are in the middle. I think a good compromise can be made.
Unfortunately, I have little faith in the Supreme Court anymore, as I believe they've become more about politics than about the law.  

According to polls, the majority of people did not want Roe overturned.  That said, my state legislature (and governor) rarely do what *I* prefer and they're all pretty radical (IMO), so I certainly can't see the matter coming up for a vote by the people.  I've no doubt our legislature will simply pass more laws that will actually ban abortion - our governor has already alluded to that.

I'm a registered Republican, but am very "middle of the road" when it comes to politics.  I feel that Republicans have become way too right winged and will not be voting for any of them this time around.  

What scares me even more than the abortion issue is the idea that they now want to go after contraception, same sex marriage and other established rights.   I simply can't imagine a world without, either, contraception or abortion.
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