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"and why was the duo killed, is still under investigation"

"and why was the duo killed, is still under investigation" Maybe it was because they were on the 1900 block of Kingfisher at 3am.

It is to the point that most of us don’t even read the stories anymore. The first thing we do is look for the address and move on to the next story.
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There are shooting almost every night, most don’t make the news unless someone is killed. The same night this happened, a man and a woman was driving through a subdivision when the women stabbed him in the face with a screwdriver. He happened to have a Butchers Knife and stabbed her in the neck and back. Both lived. Another man was shot several times on his front porch and died.

These people are like Rats. We pretty much have the attitude that when they kill each other it is one more off the streets. They have no fear. The double homicide took place about 500 Yards from a police station. They are overloaded and there are so many gunshots in that area, they usually don’t respond unless it is reported. If they see people out late at night, they know they are up to no good but there is nothing they can do about it. We have a few areas like this here and the only thing that could control it would be Marshall Law. Then the headlines News would be nothing but J. Jackson, A. Sharpton, and the NAACP. It’s a no win situation. The people complain about the Police not doing enough and then complain when the Police start taking control. It never fails when one gets killed; the family talks about how good of a person he was, but fail to mention his long Rap Sheet.
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So sad. It's unfortunate what drugs and guns lead up to..50 homicides to date and we still have about 4 months to go til the end of the year. I do hope for the residences of Baton Rouge, the police try and get a quick hold on the drugs and violence that has plagued this city...
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