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Social Media Use May Increase Teens Risk of Mental Health Issues


I don't think this is at ALL surprising.  My children are adults now, but when they were teenagers - UGH, the DRAMA over social media, particularly Facebook.  Kids making nasty comments about others' appearance, the friending and unfriending frenzies... I don't miss that time, frankly.

Honestly, I have to be careful myself.  I don't take or upload many pictures of myself, because I worry about the reactions of others.  Do I look too old? Too fat? Do my eyes look crazy in this pic?  Anyone else feel like social media has some negative effects on your or your children's perception of themselves?
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I stumbled upon some article the other day that stated prolong use of social media for kids is as good as abusing on substances.


Wow!  That's so interesting and terrifying, all in one.
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I would imagine that adults have issues based on social media as well.  Some of the groups that have heavy tension and fighting can not be good for people.  And when you add in the immaturity of kids, something to think about avoiding.  Kids also can feel isolated because of their phone.  I have one son who has constant 'pings' on his phone and one who doesn't. The one who doesn't, notices. Sigh.  This is also the day and age in which you know what everyone is doing. You're left out?  You know about it.
Agreed! There is a lot of negativity on social media. There is a huge impact on kids due to this. They feel left out, depressed, angry, or even anxious due to the constant use of social media. They need to be moderated to avoid these issues from arising.
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Due to covid-19, every student at home are tempted to use social media, Its parent's responsibility to take extra care to watch every move of their child as they are the future pillars to hold and strengthen our nation
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I also think that parents should take part in childern's social life and explain them the rules and the impact of the social media. Sometimes, the other children can be cruel, or sometimes your children can be impacted by the false "happy, perfect, expensive" lifestyle profiles that can make them feel worse and dissatisfied with their own life. In all of these cases a good piece of advise from parents is necessary for a child. Parents should explain that the internet and social media life differs from the real world, and that a child should concentrate on the offline routines rather that on the online decorations. But the main factor is to stay athoritative for your children, try to build a strong connection based on the mutual understanding and do not underestimate their feelings
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