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Could I have cystic fibrosis?

Could I have cystic fibrosis ? I have had a lot of trouble with breathing when little and was diagnosed with moderate persistent asthma but the inhalers, no matter how strong, never worked. But I get super out of breath when doing simple things like walking up a flight of stairs and making the bed. I have a lot of mucous. I have tons running down my throat which makes it even more hard to breathe. And I have some digestive issues. My stool has been greasy looking somewhat. And I have some constipation. And diarrhea a lot. and when I sweat my sweat tastes so much like salt. It's VERY salty. But I'm 16 and i wasn't sure if you could get cystic fibrosis then or I've had it and never noticed or got diagnosed because it was mild. Just let me know what you guys think ASAP!
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