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Cystic Fibrosis and Diabetes

My 5 year old niece has a possible diagnois of CF, and her blood sugar was 130. Has anyone had any problems with diabetes. We are waiting for an appointment with a specialist to confirm the CF or not. Back ground on her, she is very small for her age, is very moucousy, problems with potty training, she still wets her pants, problems with bowel movements, difficulty going. What do you think, can anyone give me advice to share with her mother. Anything will help.
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It is important to eat enough calories to achieve normal weight and growth. It is not unusual to advise a high energy intake with increased carbohydrates aiming for 120 –150% of recommended energy intake for age and sex. A diet high in fat may also be advised. All patients should receive individualized dietary review and advice at the time of the diagnosis of CFRD. They should usually maintain a high energy diet and the insulin dose should be tailored to their individual requirements. They should not decrease their carbohydrate intake but should be encouraged to eat regular meals with similar carbohydrate content each day.
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I work as a nurse and used to work on a floor that specialized in adult CFers. CF patients almost always get diabetes but from my experience it happens more in late teens early adult not that it can't happen to a five year old. I believe te reason they get has to do with the thick secretions and the fact that the pancreas almost gets jammed. ( don't quote me on that) but I think it has to do with the same reason men are often sterile because their vas deferens get clogged. People often think of CF as a pulmonary disease but it no question is a systemic disease. I pray that she does have it because it's a hard life, but with faith, positive thinking and a supportive family she can live a full life
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