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I had my daughter on 8/24 and today her dr office called saying she tested positive for cystic fibrosis and would need to do a sweat test. The nurse said there is a chance it was a false positive. Has anyone ever had their child do a sweat test or have cystic fibrosis and how its treated?
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Hi There,
My niece has cf and had a the sweat test also but cf kids usually taste salty on the fore head and it would be hard for a false positive especially if the prick test done at birth came back positive. I'm sorry that this has happened but don;t let it get you down as there is so much that can be done, my niece is 3 and has only been in hospital once. unfortunately Cf is a life long disorder and no cure is available but people with cf can lead a full life, there are many things though, firstly once you get the final diagnosis get in touch with the cystic fibrosis association in your area. a few things to keep in mind are hygiene making sure people around you are washing hands, great to have hand sanitizer on you at all times, use  disinfectant wipes to wipe down benches and toys etc.as they are disposable, disfenfect every thing all the time, find out if anyone around you has any lung conditions as they may not be able to go near your child as it poses a risk of infection. depending on the gene your daughter has will depend on the severity of the cf as well. as for treatment, you will have to physio at least twice a day to remove the mucus from the lungs and your daughter will be on creon granules as this aids in storing fat as they can not store fat and will require high calorie diets when older as they lose weight quite rapidly. if you have any questions i hopefully can assist you. I know this would be a shock as it was to us all as well, but you will adjust and things will come into a routine, you will need support, but hopefully the hospital sends you in the right direction, also look onhttp://www.medhelp.org/posts/Cystic-Fibrosis/Cystic-fibrosis/show/2728930# the net it will give you a lot of information.
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