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What are the odds?

I'm 33 year old male with a 3 year old child who does not have CF. My sons mother was screened and son I believe, not 100% we live in California.

I have tremendous anxiety and take xanax for my health concerns. I am here because of an article I read.

I get bronchitis maybe every 1-2 years, only for 1-2 weeks, not chronic, when I was 15 I had pneumonia and diagnosed with mild ashtma, but never any ashtma attacks or coughs, let alone phlegm, til this day my peak score is not great. I also get a sinus infection every year, sinititis, that last a few weeks. I do however smoke marijuana when infected, possibly prolonging. My chest x-ray when I had bronchitis showed mucus, but in 2015 it was clear.

However . I have no coughing or breathing issues. I fear this since I am not prepared for diagnosis. I did ask doctor if I could get referred for atypical cf but she refused. I had this worry when I was 27 after reading blog post and went to urgent care and doc smirked.

The fact that with CF are diagnosed at early age, including me having son --  does that make it less likely to have CF?

I come here since my doctors will not give me referral so I have pay out of poccket for CF center.
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if you had cf you would have been very sick and i hospital at a very early age, it's a life long condition and you would be needing medication every day, so i would be safe to say you don't have cf, maybe do some research on cystic fibrosis and see what the condition actually is.
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