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cystic fibrosis and pleurisy

My 16 yr old CFer has, doc thinks, Pleurisy.  I've found some info that implies a link between Pancreatitis and Pleurisy, but am wondering how they are related?  He does take prevacid and ursodiol for GERD, and is on TOBI, Cipro (for pseudamonas) and the usual Pulmozyme, enzymes, etc, etc, etc.

How are these related?  How can we prevent pleurisy?  Will it reappear later as we fight CF?  Will having had it affect his long term prognosis?  
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I have never heard of a connection between pancreatits and pleurisy.  Pleurisy is inflamation of the lining surounding the lungs and the lung cavity (the pleura) frequently resulting from a severe cough.  As the two layers of pleura rub together with each cough they become inflamed.  A doctor can tell the difference between pleurisy and other painful issues because it has a "velcro" like ripping sound on exhalation.  I would guess that pleurisy is likely to recur, but will have no influence on his prognosis (barring the use of pred to reduce the inflamation).

Take care.
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are pleurisy and pulmonary fibrosis related and do you they have anything to do with each other?
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