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newborn possible cf

hi just wondering what the odds would be... my sister has been told here 5 week old has cf but looking at all the symptoms and what not we are hoping for a glimmer of hope here is is a bit of history I the aunty are a cf carrier only found out due to having test done before fertility treatment so thinking my sister is too and not sure about her husband anyway.. so her newborn screening has come back positive but she doesn't taste salty or have any cough or wheezing nothing of the sort.. she had rotavirus from birth but that is sorting it self out and has been putting on weight steadly so we are sort of hoping that the sweat test will come back negative do i have a glimmer of hope for a misdiagnoses?
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it's a confirmed diagnosis
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The newborn test can be positive for other reasons than CF, for instance if the delivery was complicated - from what I have read. Symptoms may not appear until later so don't put weight on them.
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Sorry i had not seen your 2nd post... So sorry about the diagnostics!

My son has CF related symptoms, 1 mutation and PI.
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thanks... she has 2 mutated genes.. the little darling
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