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hello pregnant mama's I thought it would be fun to start a silly game and watch how much bellies grow.....

ok so here's what we do....
you might of heard about this game being played at baby showers =) now i know not everyone might have a sewing measuring tape so we'll do it like it's done at the baby showers here's how......

all you need is toillet paper =) i know your thinking I've lost my mind (laughing) well all you do is count how many square's it takes to go around your tummy =) and then just post it on here every week you will be amazed how fast your belly bump changes

I did this for my last two children's pregnancy journal and put it with there baby books after i had them it's fun to look back on every time i look back on them I just laugh some weeks toward the end of the pregnancy I would gain two squares at a time not to scare anyone but at the end of the pregnancy when your tummy drops the squares will go up dramatically that's actually how I realized I droped with my last two pregnancys it's just a fun way to keep track of how much your tummy changes while your pregnant

ok so dont forget to pull out the toillet paper and start counting the square's post them once a week it dont matter what day of the week preferably the first day of the start of your new pregnancy week that just makes it easy to remember which day to measure your tummy oh and dont forget to write it down in your pregnancy journal if you have one =)
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Oh my my! You have way too much time on your hands!  LOL!  Will do though!
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I will try to remember but that's been hard to do lately!  :)  Also, my tummy wasn't flat to begin with so not sure where to measure -- right around the belly button?  Oh well, I'll pick a spot and start measuring.
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Okay, just did it with the cheap TP at work.  10 squares at 12 weeks and 5 days....uh-oh.
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8 1/2 squares of Charmain at 14 weeks 6 days with twins
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