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HCG levels - Please help

I had a m/c that ended on March 22 of this year. My hubby and I started TTC right after it was over, literally the next day. On April 11, I took a pregnancy test and it was neg (I was hoping this would happen so that I knew that if I took one later on it would be accurate). Then I took one on April 19, and April 20 and both were positive. Well my ob would not give me a 1st appt unless I knew how far along I was. Since I never had a period after the m/c I wasn't sure. So of course they sent me in for blood work and HCG level testingn (I went in on April 28 for testing). Got the results back today and according to the numbers (which they didn't tell me) they estimate me to be 8-10 weeks along (from that date). But this would place me getting preggo in the middle of my m/c which is impossible since nothing was happening then. I was thinking that I was more like 5 weeks preggo at time of blood test. I do have a set of cousins that are twins, and I do have a cousin who has had twins (both on my father's side). Could my high HCG levels be a sign of twins? I don't have my 1st appt. until next Tuesday. I'm dying to find out and of course am hoping that all goes well with this pregnancy.
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