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I seen my doctor yesterday

I seen my doctor yesterday she said everything looks good she'll call me today and let me know when she has set up my ultrasound =) said it'll prolly be sometime next week =) she percribed me anti-nausea meds and meds for my back i pinched a nerve yesterday when i picked my baby girl up to move her from her crib to her swing hopefully that'll go away soon its sending pain down the back of my left leg to my knee =( i cant wait to see our little baby on an ultrasound DF is convinced its twins poor guy he's having just as much nausea as me and every pain i feel he calls me from work and checks on me says his side is hurting or his lower back (which has never hurt him) or hes got heartburn so he calls and asks me if im ok and asks how im feeling...... it totally blows my mind that he always calls and knows exactly whats wrong ........ but he said he's feeling all of it too.... asked the doctor about his symptoms (rolling over laughing) and she said its normal said some daddys feel all the symptoms just like mommy...... so on one hand im thinking YESSSS!!!!!! its not just me feelling YUCKY this time he is too then on the other hand i feel bad for the poor guy..... but he does pamper me more now =) and now he understands why when i say no babe i cant eat that... knows that im not being picky and stubborn he knows that i really cant eat that =)
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