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My breasts got less sore...

I'm starting to prepare myself for the worst. I've noticed that since yesterday my boobs got less sore (almost no soreness) and smaller. i suspect my hcg level is dropping... I have to endure and wait til Wednesday, but my hope is minimal right now.
Anyone experienced that? I'm 6w 3d pregnant, no heartbeat at 6w 1d..
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I know this is easier said then done but try not to stress to much. You dont know for sure if the pregnancy is a loss. My breast hve not been sore at all but i had a loss of symptoms for a few days last week. Which was after we had an ultrasound and only measured 5w2d not 6w5d like i should of been. So i was really freaked out but then symptoms came back. Plus i wont hve another ultrasound till next week. So just pray for the best and im sure all will be fine.
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Thank you!
When do you have your next u/s?
I have mine on Wednesday. I wouldn't worry so much but with my previous pregnancy I never heard a heartbeat and they said it was blighted ovum.
I try to find distractions and they help for a short time. It's only 2 days more, I will survive. I just WANT MY SYMPTOMS BACK!
I also pray for your baby to grow:)
Take care!
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Sometimes I think my symptoms have gone away too but I think they are still here. All we can do it wait. Like Dolphin said try not to worry, it's bad for the baby. I am also anxious and nervous for Wednesday. I take it one day at a time.
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Just like you my last pregnancy in august 2010 was a blighted ovum. So when we went for that ultrasound last week looking for a lil bean with a heartbeat but all we say was a empty sac measuring a week behind thats all i was able to think of. My next ultrasound will be next week, i hope on monday. Tomorrow i go back to my ob and she has to officially order for me to go back. So just like you we are praying to see a lil bean with a heartbeat. My doctor did tell me it is very uncommon to have 2 of the same type of miscarriage back to back. I pray that we all get good news at our next ultrasound.
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Have any of you guys ever seen sac + yolk, but no embryo visible, to find out later on that there is a baby and a heartbeat?
I've read some stories on this website and some are really negative, but some very uplifting.
Several women were warning about letting go to soon; if doctors says it may be miscarriage and d & c will be necessary, they say -wait!
There are few examples that after getting that diagnosis from their doctors and denying d&c, a few days or weeks later they were shocked to see alive baby during u/s at different office or hospital...
So let's do it together!:)
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