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Doubt on my conception date

I have a quick clarification of my conception date. This is my scenario, Jan 14 to 19th was my approx ovulation period and Jan 10,14&31st are the dates my husband and i had intercourse. I got my periods on Feb 3rd which was there for 3 days(less flow). March month i was waiting for my next period and March 16th doctor confirmed my pregnancy. Post Jan 31st we did not hav intercourse so i am curious to know when and how the conception happened . Can you please help me understand?.

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This is me again,Please respond and help, will check this tomorrow
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That's not enough information,  Srikala.  What is your due date,  or how far along did the doc think you were on March 16?   Once you have a due date,  you count back from there to figure about when you got pregnant.

It seems to me the bleeding on Feb. 3rd was not an actual period.
Thanks for responding. My due date is Nov16 2016. Feb period i had it for 3 days but i don remember whether it was normal flow. I would want to know if the sperm would live and wait until the next ovulation for conception? Doctors did not calculate and asked for first day of last period only i gav it as feb 3rd. My first scan on April 2nd which analysed it as 8 weeks 2 days . Heart beat and baby is fine. Hav my second scan on May 6th. Please help to identify the conception date. Thank you
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The "period" in February sounds more like implantation bleeding.
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Hi, if you are pregnant and there is no question of who is the father (i.e., you did not have sex with anyone else) and the last time you had sex with your husband was January 31, I would tend to then question the part where you say "my first scan on April 2nd which analysed it as 8 weeks 2 days."  What does "which analyzed it" mean?  Did the doctor say your GA (gestational age) was 8 weeks 2 days or that the age of the embryo based on its conception date was 8 weeks 2 days?  (These would be two different things, as GA counts begin on the first day of the last period, not on the conception date.)  If you don't know, the best thing to do is ask on May 6 what kind of count they were using.
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Woooo hey too much of complicated thinking. We are a conservative family so ur words of who is the father does not make sense at all lol!!! Thanks for explaining diff btw GA and age of embryo.... I will check with doctor no worries
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The due date the doctor gave you suggests you conceived around February 24.  Since you had already said you had not had sex with your husband after January 31, I was just making sure that there wasn't some sex in February that you were concerned about.  

Doctors usually begin the count on the first day of the last period, but the count in weeks does not make sense to having no sex after January 31 either.  Talk to your doctor, make sure all the dates you've mentioned are correct, and ask what the doctor was basing the count on, was it gestational age (with the count of weeks beginning on the first day of your period) or was he telling you the embryo's age (which would begin two weeks later than that)?
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