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Due date CLOSE who's the father

Hi Guys !
I've been here before my due date is close because my stitches come out in about 6 more weeks and I do not want to be in for a horrible surprise after I deliver my baby I really want to enjoy it.
I had a period from May 3 to May 6. I had sex with guy A on May 16 it was very short and he said he didn't *** in me I felt ridicilous afterwards so I went home took 2 birth control pills, drank vinegar (Idek if that works), douched, and showered. I then had another period from May 27 to May 30. I had sex with guy B in all of May and June. Guy B and I never use the pull out method (we're a couple and we have a son). My period was due on June 24th, but I found out I was pregnant on June 23rd. I know a lot of people say that the online conception calculators don't work, however everytime I use the one on BabyMed? Its ALWAYS on track and all of the dates add up. I get ultrasounds once and sometimes twice a month because I'm high risk and they're still on track. My earliest ultrasound was at about 7 weeks and thats how I got my due date along with my LMP. I am currently 31 weeks pregnant and my due date is March 3, 2014. Does anyone think that there could be a possibility that Guy A is the father ? Or am I just being OVERELY PARANOID !? Please help shed some more light on my situatuion.
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Hi, when you did your first ultrasound (what was date exactly) how many weeks and days it showed?
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My first ultra sound was in July. I found out I was pregnant in June.. but I don't remember the exact date.
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If it helps, this is half of what I've been going by:

Pregnancy Dates Due Date:03/03/2014 Today's Date:12/30/2013 31 Weeks 1 days

Days Sex for getting pregnant :From: 06/05/2013 To: 06/10/2013

Ovulation: OD 06/10/2013 2 Weeks 0 Days

Implantation:06/19/2013 3 Weeks 2 Days  

Days Expected Next Period: 06/24/2013

Usual time to do fetal testing in HR patients:01/06/2014 32 Weeks 0 Days

Term Pregnancy Begins: 02/10/2014 37 Weeks

Elective Delivery after this Date:02/24/2014 39 Weeks 0 Days Due

Date: 03/03/2014 40 Weeks 0 Days
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If you have been using calculators online, you probably have seen:

      First day of last menstrual period:  May 27
      Probable date of ovulation:  June 10
      Possible dates of conception:  June 6 to 14
      Due date:  March 3 (40 weeks)

If the sex with Mr. Wrong was May 16, and if you had a period after it, that is pretty much enough evidence right there without even looking at a conception calculator.  Add to it the fact that you conceived around June 10, yeah, it does sound like you're being paranoid.  (ps -- if you are ever in this situation again, take Plan B, the morning-after pill.  Vinegar does not do anything even if you douched with it much less drank it, and douching is way too late [the sperm are high up inside the uterus and the Fallopian tubes by then, not sitting around inertly in the vagina], and taking two bcp's doesn't affect things at all.)  

For what it  is worth (and if the advice doesn't fit, please ignore it), in this community we do often hear from ladies who have had sex with someone they should not have, then had a period, and then a month or so later had sex that produced a pregnancy, and who have early ultrasound evidence of when they conceived, who are STILL all worried and stressed.  After seeing it a lot, I think this comes because it is easier to develop obsessive worry about paternity than it is to assess what it means that they had sex with someone else when they were in a relationship.  If this paternity worry is really eating at you, the thing to work on is not further analysis of the dates because it is not going to ease your stress.  Work instead on the part about that you had the sex with Mr. Wrong.  If it helps, talk to a counselor.  Or if you're a person whose conscience is eased by atonement, a) promise yourself you will never do it again and b) make your boyfriend the happiest dad in the world.  That way good things come to him forever from your misstep.  
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I agree that my period was evidence and I'm being very paranoid. The advice is always  helpful. I need to think about my actions, get over what I did, and stop letting it take so much control over my pregnancy. My conscience always eats away at me I just wish I could erase the situation. Your advice is always helpful. Thank You!
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Take care.  :)
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