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Help me figure out when I conceived

To date according to an ultrasound scan I am 12 weeks and 1 day pregnant. This is based on gestational age I think because it measured CRL of fetus, when i googled it said that its gestational age and for conception date you need to subtract 2 weeks. After a 27 day cycle period, the first date of my last period was 31st of october 2015 that lasted till the 6th of november 2015 . (bear in mind my periods arent regular sometimes I have 22 day cycle others 27 day cycle). I had unprotected sex on the 14th and 15th of november 2015 and only took a plan B pill on the 16th because i suspected the condom tore however my bf said it didnt. I dont know if i am correct in calculating that my ovulation dates or most fertile dates would be around that weekend so even if i took the morning after pill (escapelle) it wouldnt be able to prevent pregnancy as the egg would have been fertalised by the 16th already?. Now the confusion comes in where I again had sex with him on the 26th i know  the condom didnt tear and but we again had it on the 30th however i was a bit or alot of drunk and cant remember if we had it with a condom or not but he said with a condom but again i didnt trust him so i took Plan b on the 1st of dec.  I realised i was pregnant and on the 5th of january 2016 the scan said i was 9 weeks 0 days. so when i minus 2 weeks from that date it takes me to the week of the 26th when we had protected sex so im confused when did conception actually happen? Im furious and would like to confront him about lying of the condom but i wana know if it happened the week of the condom or the week of the 30th when i was drunk or the week of the 14th? please help. Thanks
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From your two ultrasounds, I get November 16  or 17.  Not the week of the 30th.  Not the 26th.  

Plan B does not always work, because it has to hit at exactly the time the embryo is attempting to implant.  Even its literature says there is a one in eight chance of it failing.

The sperm from the sex on the 14th and the 15th would have been alive for several days after the sex.

I am sorry you're mad and think he's lying, but it really does not sound (from your ultrasounds) like the baby came from any of the later times.  
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Thank you for answering. Also i was planning on terminating but it has become too late for that. I havent been taking any prenatals as yet like folic acid which is good for neural tube development. Do u think i may have now damaged the baby is it too late (12 weeks) to start or is it okay still
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You probably get a lot of folic acid in your diet, you can google dietary sources of folic acid if you would like to put those worries to rest.  You can certainly begin to take prenatals now, even though the folic acid is beneficial before pregnancy you will definitely need the iron throughout and more later than earlier.
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