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Is DDC prenatal testing accurate?

I need help! This is my story! My LMP started September 11th and ended September 16th, 2015. I was with a guy a dated briefly and we had sex on September 17th, 2015. I ended up getting back together with ex and we had sex on September 24th, 25th, and 26th. September 25th is my supposal Ovulation day according to my period tracker. I always have a regular period cycle about 28 days. I am now 22 weeks pregnant. I did a prenatal DNA test through DDC when I was about 12/13 weeks pregnant. I am Still with my then "ex," we are engaged and I don't want him to know about this at all. So I did the prenatal test with the guy I dated briefly. My results came back that he is not the father, which I was so happy because I didn't want him to be! But I cannot get it out of my mind that he can still possibly be the father. I am scared DDC did a mess up and when the baby is born it will end up being the other guys baby. I did my DDC testing in Glendale CA, but I found out my test didn't even go to a DDC lab it went to Natera Lab is San Carlos CA. To my understanding it was going back to Ohio where they are located. When I called the representatives have been so rude. They keep telling me it's 100% accurate, but that's all they say. They don't tell me the process of how it goes. When I called and told them "my blood test goes back to Ohio right?" They said "yes" I told them "okay because on my certificate of possible paternity it says it went to Natera lab in San Carlos, and I want to redo the test because to my understanding it was getting sent to you guys" and they said "wait let me check." And all they said was "oh it got sent to us, we tested it and we sent it to Natera lab to get tested." I feel like they lie on the spot because any questions I have I don't get any logical answer. Is this company to be trusted? Has ANYONE at all gotten results back or experienced false results from DDC, please be honest! I am stressing out so bad here. I feel horrible for what I've done, and I think about this every minute of the day, I need peace of mind, and right now I cannot afford to do another prenatal test ):
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I believe that I have read the DDC has a professional relationship with Natera.  You might be able to google that question and get more clarity.

My feeling is that because you are holding the secret and have not tested with both guys, you will continue to feel this worry of "what if the test is WRONG?"  

Not that this is an unusual worry.  But the only ladies we hear from asking this question are those who have tested with just one of the two possible dads, and the reason they have only tested with just one is that they are trying to hide what happened from the other, and the hiding is not only why they tested with only one guy, but it is also the result of masses of guilt over the situation.  It's the guilt, not the testing company, that brings up the "what ifs" so strongly.

We have had one credible-sounding report of someone getting a wrong answer from the DDC, but that is still being litigated, from what the poster reports.  We have had large numbers of worried posters on this issue.  I think it is more common to feel guilty and freak out, than it is to get a wrong answer from the DDC.  Not to say that any lab in the world could make errors, but in general it sounds like the odds favor your test being correct.

I'd work on the guilt, myself, if I were you, and not on obsessing over the lab.  Talk to a counselor, it might help a lot.

Good luck.

DDC'S non-invasive paternity is retail science. This test is a money making business and accurate results are NOT guaranteed. I had this prenatal test done this year and received a false positive. DDC does NOT provide results that are credible enough to allow you to make informed choices. I would opt for more invasive prenatal testing as the risk is relatively low and fidelity of results is higher.
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Hi there!

Yes, I have heard of multiple people having DDC be incorrect and the only way they found this out was testing the child after birth.

DDC has excluded husbands and people who have only had one possible father option.

If at all possible id wait to confirm after birth
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Hi, FTSingleMom, "multiple people having DDC be incorrect" have not been reported here, though we do get multiple posts from worried women (in other words, the same woman writing ten or fifteen times) who heard *somewhere* that someone had a problem with the DDC.  It might be helpful for the other ladies if you would cite your source of "multiple people" who have actually found that the prenatal test from the DDC was incorrect.  If the ladies here who are worried could track where you read it, it would help them to form an opinion about the accuracy of the reports.

I can think of at least three ways a DNA test would be incorrect:  lab error, user error (mistakes with the swab), or fraud (correct labwork, but the guy got his friend to do the swab in his place).  Another way a report like this could get on the Internet is if a troll invented a credible-sounding story (we had one in this community who only revealed him- or herself because after a while he or she posted the same story again, using exactly the same language, except with a different lab name than the first post).  Another way such a claim could get on the Internet is if someone with a professional grudge was trying to sabotage a particular lab for competitive reasons. If you have found a website that reports lawsuits and their results, and those can be tracked to the courts where the rulings came down, that would be a more useful site than one where people just write in.  There is no checking the validity of people's stories on most sites.

The one report we've gotten on this community that sounds credible seems to either be lab error or the guy faked the test (the woman was not there when he did his swab).  We're still following her story.
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Hi everyone,

I'm sorry that I'm piggy backing off of someone else's question but this seems related. I'm asking for a friend because she is embarrassed and ashamed of herself and doesn't want to be identified. I will start by saying she is very excited for her little one and the outcome of this will not determine if she continues her pregnancy or not.

Her due date given was July 24th based on ultrasound. Her doctor told her she most likely conceived 11/1

Cycles not regular due to medical steriods. Last official period started 9/27.

GUY A: (her partner of over a year, never used protection ever) unprotected sex 10/17, 10/18, 10/23, 10/31, 11/4, 11/5

GUY B: (mistake) protected sex (no foreplay) with a condom and pullout with condom on 10/28

Kicker: she did a non invasive prenatal paternity test (blood sample from her and cheek sample from him) recently and it came back excluding GUY A as the father. She did not test GUY B as she thought he was very unlikely to be the father and he never crossed her mind.

Based on everything she has a hard time trusting the prenatal test because she has found 3 other women online and 1 man who have been in a similar situation and has had their prenatal results reversed post birth. She's seen the results from these individuals so she knows they aren't lying. She's also been battling the DNA company and has had issues with them.

The reason she is getting concerned is because both men don't want to be involved but she's filing for child support since she can't do it alone without the financial support of the dad. She doesn't want to waste money going after the wrong dad but her lawyer told her to pick one to start with. Does she serve GUY A first even though her prenatal test excluded him or serve GUY B based on this test even though he used protection and pulled out.

She needs all the advice she can get! No lectures please! :)
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No lectures but.....That's exactly like a story one girl posted? Just different dates. Hmm....

well if this is a real post from someone else and with the real due date July 24....in most states you can't abort the baby after 24 weeks. What state is she in? She's at 29 and in her third trimester......so she'll have to decide two options..keeping the baby or adoption. Why doesn't she want to test the other guy? Yes it's a lot of money but at least she'll know? Also the results on the DNA paper is just a graph showing you what it's like so even if it came back he was the father ten million the guys have the exact same graph showing them the same letters etc.

So my opinion is guy B? That would only make sense?
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Sorry read that wrong about the baby! But if these results are what they are she should accept it and do the second guy instead of going after him...the condom could have had a hole in it. Also sperm can live up to seven days. At least that's what I would do.
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The father could be either guy if the assumed conception date is correctly estimated at November 1, and she had sex October 28 with one, and on October 31 and November 4 with the other.  The simplest thing is for your friend to test with both guys, at a certified lab, after the baby is born.  

The courts will summons both men for testing; there is no point in doing them one at a time, and it will probably save her legal fees and court costs to file only once to test them both.
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I too have taken a DDC test with negative results but i am positive the guy tested is the father .... The test are showing no accurate method of how they received their results, I am getting no feed back when i call Customer Service. I am almost positive the test is wrong, has anyone had this problem ?? Please respond
As noted above, there are three ways a test result would be incorrect:  lab error, handling error (mistakes with the swab), or fraud (correct labwork, but the guy got his friend to do the swab in his place). If you did not test with both possible dads, there will be little enough way to sort it out unless you do another test. I am sorry you are not getting feedback from Customer Service, but they might not know anything. (For example, and I am not saying this happened, if the wrong guy did the swab, how would Customer Service know?)
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