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Need some help who’s the dad

Hello I am currently 32 weeks and and 4 days. My due date is July 6, 2021. On 12/17/20 I asked my doctor to send me the date I conceived she send me a message saying (based on your LMP you are 11 weeks and 2 days with an edd of July 6, 2021
Based on your ultrasound you are 11 weeks and 1 day with a due date of July 7, 2021. So your last period is accurate in dating the pregnancy and your due date would be July 6, 2021) that’s how I know that on September 29, 2020 till October 3, 2020 was in fact a period. I’ve been taking metformin for a few years due to pcos and I can slightly remember the month of august I had a period on the 29th and again the period on September on the 29th so it’s been 31 day cycles. On September 23,2020 I slept with someone he finished but I left him before my period on September 29 after that I ended up being with my partner and I’ve been with him since. The doctors tell me I conceived on October 13, 2020 but every time I ask them if that means my boyfriend is the father they never tell me 100% if he is they just continue to confirm that October 13 is when I conceived. Is there any chance that the man on September 23, 2020 is the father? I just need it for clarity because I don’t know why the doctors can’t just clarify 100% and it worries me. Will I need a dna test? At first I wasn’t worried because she told me it wouldn’t make sense for the other person to be the father but when brought up again she said either one can be the father I just don’t understand how.
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If an ultrasound in your eleventh week said you have a due date of July 7, it does indicate you got pregnant around the 13th or 14th of October. (When was that ultrasound, around December 16?)

Having a period on September 29 also indicates that the guy from the 23rd is not the father, because not only do your periods stop when you're pregnant, but September 23 is too close to the period for you to have been ovulating then. Besides, the ultrasound saw and measured the actual baby, and placed conception in the middle of October, not September, based on the baby's size and developmental markers.

When a patient comes anxiously at a doctor and asks them to guarantee something 100%, if the doctor's conclusion has to rely in part on the patient's story, they can't guarantee the thing 100%. Patients forget stuff, omit stuff, get dates wrong, etc. She heard you asking her to guarantee a conclusion 100% that comes partly from hearsay (from you). Every doctor has been burned by a patient telling them inaccurate things or forgetting important details, then coming back and yelling at them (or suing them) for something they said based on the patient's input. All a doc can guarantee is what she can prove medically. What she can show medically is that the baby was conceived around October 13. She can't guarantee your part of the story 100%, even if you know it's correct.

That said, I think what you were trying to ask her is, "Can sex on September 23 produce a baby conceived on October 13?" She would probably have been able to tell you sperm doesn't live that long, and sex with one guy in one month does not have an effect on the results of sex with another guy in another month.

Again, remember that the ultrasound measured the baby, and came up with a conception date two weeks into October. If the baby had come from the sex on the 23rd, it would have been much more developed.
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I believe it was on December 15, 2020. Thank you for the response. Annie
Take care, and stop worrying. :-)
thanks for the reassurance. It means a lot <3
Hey Annie not really worried just curious. If it was from the guy on the 23rd would I be around 3 more weeks advanced?
If you got pregnant from sex on September 23, your due date would be 2 to 3 weeks earlier.
Hey Annie so I had the baby at 36 weeks 1 day on 06/09/21. I am a little paranoid because my baby seems to look more like the guy from the 23rd lol now I’m a little paranoid. Is this possible?
The baby was seen on an ultrasound and the doctor gave you a due date based on its size and developmental markers that indicated it was conceived around October 13-14.
Also, you say you aren't worried, but you keep writing and asking for more reassurance. If these worries are continuing, get a DNA test done (if you're not married, you should do this anyway to have in the baby's medical records, for proof of paternity), and see a counselor for anxiety.
I’ve realized if she was from the 23 she wouldn’t be a premature baby. Thanks Annie
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