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Paternity of unborn child

Right bit of a complicated one. I'm 99% certain who the father of my baby is but guy 2 thinks it's his and is demanding prenatal test... which I've agreed to. But I just need a bit of outside help to ease my mind. 21st April I had unprotected sex with guy 2, 24th April had my period. I will be 10 weeks pregnant Friday (gestational age) so 8 weeks pregnant essentially this following an ultrasound. Meaning I conceived Friday 5th may. I had sex with guy 1 (my ex) the 2nd and 5th of may both time ejaculation occurred. Stupidly had sex with guy 2 6th may he didn't ejaculate due to stupid amount of alcohol. What are the chances guy 2 is the father? Also having a prenatal test done which involves my blood and guy 2's cheek swab, even though the clinic say it's 99.9% accurate, is it really though?
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I would suggest, if you are going to get a prenatal test, that you only do one through the DDC or Ravgen, and that you test with both possible fathers. If you only test with one guy and get a negative, will you be convinced it is correct or will you (and he) wonder if it is just an inaccurate answer? Getting a positive for one man and a negative for the other confirms both tests.

Since you had sex with guy 2 on May 6, yes, you absolutely need to test. You would have ovulated on a day that you had living sperm in your body from both men. (I get that as May 6 not May 5 from the dates you've been mentioning: did your ultrasound say an exact number of weeks and days? If so, what was the calendar date of that ultrasound, and what was the number of weeks and days exactly?)
Guy 1 doesn't know about guy 2, so can only test one. Guy two didn't finish and I know you can get pregnant from pre *** but following advice from a dr it's very very slim. My scan was on a Friday and said 8 week exactly so 6 weeks conception date which works out may 5th, My scan was 16th June. And I know they say ovulation is 2 weeks after period but cuz of the pill ovulation is different. I don't know what DDC or ravgen is? How do I go about that?
Go online and look up Ravgen or the DDC, and look up prenatal DNA testing. I have been told that at least one of them also gives instructions if you want to test someone with a swab on their wineglass or drinking glass (i.e., if you want to test someone without his knowing). If you don't know about these labs, how were you thinking of doing a prenatal DNA test? There are a lot of charlatan labs out there happy to rip you off, these two are the ones with the best names.
They also cost £900 plus cost of kit. Not all of us are finacclaily capable of paying this. Just because I didn't know about these two specific labs, doesn't  mean I have no idea of how to get a prenatal test done. I've already got a prenatal paternity test booked hence how I knew what was needed from me and guy 2, I was just looking for information of whether these kind of test are accurate as before I needed one i never knew you could do this .
We get a lot of remarks on the various labs and so-called labs, and some get good ratings and some test many fewer DNA markers and get terrible ratings because of inaccurate results, and some flat-out lose the results. Look up the lab you intend to use on consumer sites for online reviews, and see what you get.
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Yes borrice, use either Ravgen or ddc. I used Ravgen and it was correct in my case. Test both potential fathers, Ravgen can do discreet testing as well, you can mail a toothbrush if you wish to test your partner without telling him. Please do not use any other labs as they all have horrible reviews and you do not want to be stressed out about the results for the rest of your pregnancy.
I know ravgen is expensive but atleast its a reputab lab and chances of error are slim. i actually paid 2400 dollars to get the test done before 9 weeks of gestation- I got tested at 6 weeks and had another blood draw at 7 weeks because fetal DNA was low at 6 weeks, and by 8 weeks I had the results. They charge 1600 dollars after 9 weeks. And you have to pay half the money when you schedule an appt for sample collection and the rest of the payment before they give you your results in about a week.
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