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Please help! Did I get a false positive prenatal paternity test?

I don’t really know what to think anymore, but please hear me out. This month was a very foolish hard lesson learned for me, My last period was July 25th, 2018. I was with guy 1 July 27th, aug 3rd, and aug 9th. According to calculations from multiple websites I would have ovulated on August 10th. I also saw  my ex boyfriend ( guy 2) August 15th. I tested positive on a pregnancy test on August 24th late at night and the 25th that morning. From calculating when I conceived based off a first positive pregnancy test it said i Probably conceived/ovulated  August 11th- 12th. I know this concludes guy 1 to be the dad based off this information! I ended up purchasing a prenatal test to be sure... but I should have done my research. The test I bought through bio-gene dna is a third party coordinator that works with the accredited lab ddc. The test I bought was 900, so cheap right? Usually most tests are atleast 1200-1500 more, and the website looked so legit I took my chances because I’m already broke I can’t afford a 1500 test.

Just wanted to say I had to go through so much to get my blood drawn... no one in my state would do it and i had to drive 2 hours just to get it done because it had to be done privately under the table cash only... bio gene told me I would get my results within 5-7 business days. But I actually got them very quick in 3....it turns out guy number 2 my ex who i had swabbed was 99.9 the father and not guy 1, who i didn’t have swabbed... I am shocked. And I don’t understand it, I also am not aloud to call bio gene dna once results are in, i am only aloud to email them as per privacy contract. So I asked why I got my results a lot sooner than what they told me. “Usually as extra charge we provide 3 day processing, but as a  courtesy  we provided this for you.” I called ddc lab and asked someone who has worked for ddc for 7 years and they told me they personally never heard of bio gene dna working with them and that 900 is a cheap test to get very speedy results in 3 days because ddc lab charges 300 dollars on top of the 1600 they already charge if you want 3 day processing. So that would mean bio gene lost money from the cheap 900 test i already gave them? Why me? I wanted my results to be analyzed properly not quick.  I’m really upset and I think I got wrong results based off my body and how dead on everything was matching with guy 1. Do you guys agree and think I should get guy 1 tested once the baby is born. At this point I cannot trust blood prenatal tests.
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Sorry I meant July 25th, 2017
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I also want to add this in, the reasoning why I got a prenatal paternity test done. Based off lmp (July 25th 2017) due date off of a 28 day cycle I am due may 1st 2018. But I personally know my cycle is not 28 days and it’s more like 30-31 days. Which hits dead on when I tested positive on my pregnancy test. (August 25th) my ultrasound based me off of a 28 cycle and I know ultrasounds can have a error in them. So it pushed my due date back 10 days giving me a due date of may 11th. This due date now involves guy 2 as a possible father as well but also guy 1 too this is why I got tested. But with this due date of may 11th I wouldn’t of implanted until aug 27th on average.. and you cannot have enough hcg level in urine to test positive even once you just implant! You have to wait atleast 24-48 hours? I tested positive on a test for sure on August 25th early morning? Very confused still.
When was your first ultrasound done, and what due date did they give you from it?
I don't think you can correctly assume the "ultrasound based me off a 28-day cycle." Ultrasounds give you an estimated due date based on seeing the actual baby and measuring its the crown-to-rump measurement of the embryo and its developmental markers.

What would "base you off a 28-day cycle" is if the doctor sat you down with a little cardboard wheel or a calendar and did no ultrasound, and asked when your last period began, and then he counted two weeks forward to assume that is when your period came based on averages.

Usually, however, if an ultrasound refutes the date from the calendar, the doctor will use the ultrasound information in preference to some little cardboard wheel that's based merely on averages.
First ultrasound was done on September 20th, 2018 I was 8 weeks pregnant as i thought on this day. Yes it’s a Very common time to get an ultrasound sound done to find accurate measurements I do agree,  But Unfortunately when I got it done they weren’t able to do the transvaginal sonogram (obgyn said it’s the most accurate way to find measurement of baby very early on) but she couldn’t get a measurement doing a transvaginal ultrasound. so she was going to try the abdominal way, and that’s why I feel it was pushed back 10 days which made me out to be only 6 weeks and 4 days. I’m very petite, and so she added that since I am tiny my baby is probably just tiny too, also told me not to worry that i am within range of my lmp due date and this is a normal error time frame window.
My First appointment was exactly just what you said, they sat me down and did just that. No ultrasound yet. So yes I am correct they based be off of a 28 day cycle before giving me an ultrasound. My next appointment was a week later, September 20th, my 8th week mark. They based my ultra sound
off a 28 day cycle. That is why it got changed and pushed back 10 days. She asked if my cycle is normally 28 days and I said no it’s usally about 30 but she said it is within range and that is why she didn’t change it.
On September 20, after you had the ultrasound, did they give you an estimated due date? I'm not asking for weeks and days, am looking for a calendar date, like May 12.
Yes as I mentioned before previously they gave me a due date of may 11th. This date was why I went ahead and tested male 2 because it targeted more towards him and got a 99.9 result as well, I’m just sketched out because of how I went about to do the test I haven’t had any peace of mind since, guy 1 doesn’t believe the results my family doesn’t either. I have no choice but to retest anyway. Also does when you test positive on pregnancy test give you a better estimate when you conceive or no? Because I tested positive on my pregnancy test first faint line aug 24th
You mentioned that you were due May 11 but I didn't see where you said how or when you got that date, i.e., if it was given to you at that first ultrasound on September 20 or if it was given to you later, or if you figured it out yourself from the weeks/ days count that they gave you on September 20. But you are saying the doctor looked at the ultrasound and then said your due date was this date? Hm.
I wrote you a pm assessing all the data you have, you can find it by clicking on your name and looking for your inbox.

I would not be quick to dismiss the results of the test. Given that it is not long now before the baby is born, you will know pretty soon, when you retest.

Please let me know what your results are from the DNA tests done after the baby is born.

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At this point, whether or not the results were correct, you can't afford another test, so that leaves you with only testing after the baby comes. Test with both men, going with them to see them do the test, at a lab where you go with ID (not a mail-in place) that was recommended to you by the family courts in your area of jurisdiction. The women who write in on this site distraught and worried over prenatal DNA test results all have in common that they only tested with one man. Testing with both guys means you will get one definite positive and one definite negative, one man's test will confirm the other man's. You won't have to worry if the test results are correct. Also, post-natal DNA tests are the only ones that the courts will accept as proof of paternity, and if you are going for child support you need that. Besides, the baby has the right to know who his or her dad is, as do both men. There is every reason to do this as carefully, correctly and completely as possible, leaving nothing out. (And no possible dad out either.)

If the test from bio-gene proves in the post-natal testing to have been wrong, you can probably get your $900 back. Should you get a contrary result to what they said, photograph the documentation and email them and ask them for a refund. If they won't give you a refund, go to a legal clinic in your area (law schools often have them) and see what it would take to bring action against them for the money. Of course, from what you know right now, you have no real evidence that they are wrong. Women ovulate five days later than what would be predicted from their prior period all the time. (Ovulation is the lead event and the period is the follow-up event, not the other way around, so ovulation is not lockstep x days after the prior period came.) Even if you can't find out the relationship bio-gene has with the DDC to your satisfaction, it does not mean they gave you a wrong answer. So hold open the possibility that their results might be correct and only go to this lawsuit option if you find out they are wrong, and if they won't give you a refund. Follow up with me, too.

One other thing you could do is write, not email and not call, the DDC, to find out if they have been working with bio-gene. Send the letter to their legal department. They should at least be able to confirm what bio-gene said about their relationship.
Thank you I will follow up with you in due time.
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Hello Leonidasss, may I ask what the final results were on the DNA test after the birth? Thanks
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