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Please help I m really confused!!

I m apparently 28 weeks pregnant .. i had sex with guy1 on 30th of June 2017, and I had periods on 22 of July (not sure about the date though) my periods are irregular then I had sex with guy2 on 9 of august 2017 .. on 30th august I did a pregnancy test at home it had two lines but faded ones I went for ultrasound on 8th of September and doctor said I was 6 weeks pregnant and by ultrasound my due date is 1st may 2018.. can someone answer is there anyway guy1 is the father?
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I also want to add guy1 didn't *** inside in fact he didn't *** at all but it was a 10 mins long intercourse how can I be sure who is the father of the child? My actual periods date is from 17 to 23rd but in July I had my periods on 22nd they were only for three days..
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It sounds like you got pregnant from the sex on August 9. (If you had gotten pregnant on June 30, the doctor would have told you on September 8 that you were 12 weeks along, not 6 weeks. He would have given you a due date of March 23, not May 1.)

I am wondering if you think the doctor's "weeks pregnant" count begins on the date of conception. It doesn't. The time period by which a doctor talks about "weeks pregnant" begins on the first day of your last period, not on the day of conception. Being told you are 6 weeks "pregnant" from an ultrasound is the same as being told you are about 4 weeks from conception. You got pregnant from the sex with guy 2.

Thanks a lot for the reply, my edd changed when I did a scan on 22 September it was 26th April 2018, then I did a scan on 20 weeks (anomaly scan on 7th of December) my edd is 26april, now my doctor said anything can happen after 20th April.. so I am wondering why the dates keep on changing ? That's why I am getting confused..
Some babies grow faster and some grow slower and some grow at the "average" rate. This does not change when they started.
So shall I go by the ultrasound date which was done in September 8th ? Are they accurate ? Ultrasound due dates? And there is no way I got pregnant by 30th June ?
And I'm not sure about my last periods date.. I have very less periods in end of july .. I told my doctor about it .. so do you think she has given me a edd counting from July periods ? Or she is going by the 6th week ultrasound scan?
Please talk this over with your doctor. If you had gotten pregnant on June 30, the doctor would have told you on September 8 that you were 12 weeks along, not 6 weeks. She would have given you a due date of March 23. Tell her your concerns and ask specifically what the ultrasounds are saying about conception, and she should be able to explain it to you and answer your questions in a way that will ease your anxiety.
I went to the doctor yesterday I asked her when I conceived she wasn't sure about the date ? The country where I live in we can really express everything to the doctor, I specifically ask her is there anyway I got pregnant with June 30th? She didn't reply properly .. all she said was I m 29 weeks pregnant and my due date it 23rd April.. my question is there is no way ultrasound can give the wrong due date in start ? Is there any possibility ? I had 4 scans and almost all the scans gave me date in third week of April .. just to get rid of confusion I want to be sure the baby belongs to guy2 .
Ultrasounds are not intended for use at determining conception dates, but if they are done in the 6th or 7th week of pregnancy (counted from first day of last period), they can be quite accurate. They would not mislead you by a margin of many weeks. Use your earliest ultrasound for trying to determine the date of conception. If someone was given a due date of May 1, the conception date for that due date is August 8.
Hi Annie thanks for the reply that's what I m confused about as I don't know my periods date, I explained it to my doctor she doesn't understand that I m worried about the conception date .. I did my first ultrasound scan on 9 September which on ultrasound scan says my edd is on 1st may? My question is can this be accurate and can I assume my conception date is in august if I count 266 behind my edd?
If you have an ultrasound early in pregnancy and the doctor told you after looking at and measuring the embryo in your ultrasound scan that you were in your 6th week, she was not basing it on your period. She was basing it on the measurements of the baby. In the 6th week, ultrasounds can be pretty accurate. Use the first scan you had, which said the baby was due May 1, and count back 266 days, and that is your estimated conception date.
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Thanks for the reply Annie, I don't understand I had my first scan on 9th august 2017 I was 6 weeks plus and my edd was 1st may 2018 but then on 22nd September 2017 my edd changed to 23rd April by ultrasound and I was 9 weeks 4 days pregnant , why the edd changed in early weeks? This confuses me more and makes me go in depression I really want this to be man2's baby.. I want to save my family and forget about that one night stand(30th june 2017) I really want to enjoy my pregnancy and forget about what happened in past but these constant edd changing put me in depression..
In the 6th week ultrasounds can help to accurately determine when conception was. By the 9th week they are less accurate for that purpose. By the 40th week they can be 3 weeks off. Your due date would have to have changed to March 23, not April 23, to put man 1 into the running and it did not change to anything near that date. Please stop with the "confusion" and the "depression" and just talk to your doctor about this.
Thank you Annie you have been a great help!
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Hi Annie! So far I didn’t get any false pains or anything related to labor so I am sure now baby belongs to man 2 just way too fat to carry the baby pretty uncomfortable with that,.is there any way baby can come early then it’s expected date ?
Hi, Shandy. Babies come when they come. It is possible for a baby to come early on its own, but you should not try to do anything to hurry the process. (There are a lot of old wives tales about trying to make a baby come early, but trying to is harmful to the baby so don't listen to them.) When I was in my last month of pregnancy, my doctor told me, "It's not really a matter of you being able to make yourself comfortable any more, it is just a matter of trying to make yourself less uncomfortable." Keep cool, keep your feet up if possible, keep hydrated, and get what rest you can. Good luck, and I am not surprised the baby is from the second man. I am glad this gives you relief.
Hi Annie! So I had my boy on 12th of April three weeks ealier to my due date .. he was 37 weeks old doctor went for c section because it was really difficult for me to keep him inside .. he does look like my ex :( I don’t know how is this possible ? I had sec with him on 30th of June .. and with man2 in first week of august so I don’t know
I guess you will never leave this alone, will you? Get it through your head that your due date for a full-term pregnancy would have been March 21 or 23, if you got pregnant on June 30. You keep saying "I don't know," my guess is that you do know, you just want to fret and feel guilty and are not leaving it alone.
How do I get this out of my system .. yes you are right why I have this silly thing stuck in my head I should just enjoy my new born and let it go and live my life with happy thought .. this constant thing stuck in my head .. looking at the baby features like psychos and asking everyone who he looks like .. (rubbish) I need to let this go somehow I really want to be out of this Siyiation it’s driving me nuts
Well, at the very least, stop asking everyone who he looks like. Someone will assume that you have cause to ask.

I don't know if counseling is available to you, but if so you should make an appointment and get some. Explain that you had sex, then your periods, and then sex, and all the medical information points to the sex after the periods, and you had your periods for heaven sake, and nothing at all that any doctor has said has indicated the baby is from any other time, but you keep asking and asking. If you say it out loud to a professional therapist, it might click for you that you are being silly. And dangerous to your marriage, also.
I know you are right.. my periods were late so I took 6000 mg vitamin c so that I could have periods  so I did have three days periods but they were less than normal days ..I don’t have any access to counseling related to this in our country .. I m try to make myself understand .. that I had periods in July and I shouldn’t think there weren’t because I took vitamin c ..I m putting everything at stake thinking so negative .. hating the fact that I can’t make myself understand a simple and logically right thing.. thank you Annie for being there so far .. means a lot
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