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Possible Father B?

I had my birth control taken out on Jan. 4th. Which made my period out of wack the first month. Period came on Feb. 5 and lasted for 6 days. Had sex with guy A on Feb 11th one day after my period ended. Had sex with guy B on Feb 13th and every other day up until the end of Feb. I took a pregnancy test using the 3 days sooner before missed period on March 8th and it was positive. I took a regular pregnancy test also on that day and it was negative. Took another regular test 3/9 and it came back negative; 3/10 I got a faint positive result for the regular pregnancy test. Went in for my first OB appointment on March 31st. Using the standard rule that doctors use they suspected I ovulated on Feb. 19 with a EDD of Nov 12th. They gave me a dating ultrasound and that showed I was exactly 7 weeks on that day with a EDD of Nov 17th. I'm assuming that guy B is the father, but wanted more input. Thanks!
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From the due date of November 17 given to you by a 7 week 0 day ultrasound, the second guy has by far the stronger likelihood of being the dad. Because the first guy was as early as the 11th, he would appear (by the ultrasound measurements of the baby) to be ruled out unless his sperm lasted in your body 8 days or more. While sperm can last a while, medical science is not of the opinion that it lasts 8 days and then still has the strength to fertilize an egg.

Your only problem is that although 7th-week ultrasounds are often spot-on for extrapolating the day when the embryo began, this is a secondary use of ultrasounds, and relies on doing figuring and making assumptions from the baby's measurements. Ultrasounds are designed to check out the baby, not really to establish the date of conception. The mere fact that the two guys were in your same cycle with no period in between means that to be 100% sure would require a DNA test. DNA tests can be done before the baby comes (at a hefty cost).

That all noted, your medical data support the assumption that the baby is the child of the second guy. Unless you simply can't have the first guy be the dad no matter what even if the chances are super slim that he is, your results say that you can be sure enough about the second guy to wait, and just do the DNA test after the baby is born. (If the parents aren't married, it's always a good idea to do a DNA test when the baby is born even if there is no other man in the picture, to establish legal paternity from the beginning. These tests are also lots less costly after the baby is born.)
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Thanks for your response! The doctor decided to leave my EDD as Nov. 12th. Should I go by the ultrasound date or my LMP due date? We planned to do a DNA once the baby is here to make sure that guy b is the father. I just wanted a second opinion to have a LITTLE piece of mind until November.
As for your due date, if someone asks, you can say "somewhere between November 12 and 17." When you reach your 40th week that's about as precise as anyone can be anyway.
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