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Prenatal Paternity Testing- CVS or Non-Invasive?

Has anyone had either type of paternity testing done?  

I feel like getting the CVS testing would be more accurate as it comes directly from the baby but the lady at the DDC seems VERY confident in their results as after 9 weeks fetal development they can seperate the mother and babies blood to compare it to the fathers blood.

Simply looking for who has had the test done, and confirmation after the child was born that results were accurate?

Thank you in advance for your guidance
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I had the noninvasive test done..i was going to have the cvs test done for accuracy but my obgyn acted like he didnt know what that was and even then if he knew he would not have referred me to get it done because it carries lots of risk for the baby. It was going to be more stressful for me because I wanted to get the paternity test done ASAP and if i was to have actually gotten approved by my doctor to get it done I would have been 12 - 15 weeks pregnant by then ( i am currently 15 weeks) and that would have caused more stress for me. I truly believe the noninvasive test is accurate. I do not know medical terminology and technology but they test several things or observe whatever term is best to be used so i do not think the test are inaccurate and am confident my results were correct. However, I will still look into how the baby looks when he or she is born and might even do a cheap paternity test at home...just for peace of mind. However my results where what i wanted because the other guy i did not want to be the father was a one night stand with a stranger that i might never see again and then i do not even remember how he looks like. So i am super happy for the existence prenatal paternity test yayy...

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Thank you for sharing your experience. Wow, this is really a scary situation to be in... I feel for you.

Do you care to share your experience as to how it all played out? like once they sent the test to your lab, how that all went, how long it took for results, etc?

Sorry, I am in complete dispair
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I had my tst done on a monday. Me and the alleged father had our blood withdrawn at a local lab and it was sent by mail to ddc. I was constantly sending emails and calling because i was desperate as the results would determine the next steps in my relationship and would escalate to lies and lies and lies and deception and i did not want to do that....i was so depressed and was sick really sick because i would think about it 24/7. I was sick because of the pregnancy symtoms but also because i could not think pf anything else and i easwas always crying even at work. Okay welltjhey told me i would get my results in 15-20 business days(monday-friday) and i was devastated because the website said 5 to 7 days. Luckily i got my results in 5 business days...but received the results by mail 20 business days from the day i had my bloood withdrawn. It came out my bf was the father. So i am happy. Everything is much better. I can rest now.
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I know people have had great expirences with DDC non-invasive but what I am going through right now is a living hell. I did the test at a lab on 8/14 and the results came on 8/31. My partner wanted the test and I had only been with him in two years so I felt I had nothing to hide. It came back that he was not the father. On 8/31 I asked for the test to be reviewed and it is still under review to this day!!!! I cannot express the anguish they have put me through. I am not the only one this has happened too, go to the what to expect to expecting posts there are about ten others who have gotten incorrect results. All I am saying is be careful I would not wish anyone to go through what I am going through. They have lied to me and stonewalled me and now I have had to hire an attorney to fight for paternity and my integrity. I already have a high risk pregnancy and should have never gotten pregnant in the first place. I am going to have to get a court ordered test after the baby is born, I am due 1/4. And now after this incorrect test everyone hates each other and non of us trust each other. And honestly who is going to suffer, my son. My innocent son who has done nothing wrong.
You don't have to believe me and that's the worst part, telling people this story and people giving me that look. That look that says they don't believe me and that I am lying and I must have slept with someone else. That is so hard to swallow. I had to submit a signed paper showing all the dates I had sex dating back to June 2014 to my lawyer. It is so degrading and humiliating. My lawyer looked at the paper and saw only one name next to all the dates. There just was no one else.
DNA has become the standard for testing and it is so hard to stand tall and say that test is wrong. I never want any other mother to go through what I am going through! No pregnant woman should be under this kind of stress.
Sorry for the rant, I am just really hurting. This test was supposed to do for me what it did for the other woman who posted in here but it did the total opposite. It has caused me anguish beyond compare.
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The lady on the phone from DDC sounded extremely confident in their results and said that they only have an something come back inconclusive because the women didnt tell the truth and tested before 9 weeks?

I dont know what to think. I am scared and nervous and am making myself SICK over this...May I please ask you a few questions?

1) how close was the dates that you were with both different partners? like were they very close like mine were time wise?

2) how far along were you when you got the results?

I am thinking of doing BOTH the prenatal non-invasive one as well as the CVS just to ease my mind. I only plan on testing 2 of the fathers. That way, if it is not those 2 I only have to tell the 1 that it is (hopefully #3) that he is the father.

This is the scariest thing Ive ever been through, I wont lie!
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Jpike, I really don't think doctors are likely to do chorionic villus sampling for the sole reason of learning who the father is, since it carries about a 1 in 100 risk of miscarriage.  If you are so worried as to be considering CVS, please simply do another prenatal DNA screening.  If you go with the DDC the first time, you could go with Ravgen the second time, and test with whomever the DDC's results suggest is the dad and the second most likely guy.  I assume that two tests saying what they do, would be enough?
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