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Prenatal paternity test

I had sex with 2 guys, 3 days apart so I have no idea who the father is! Guy number one that I had sex with got a vasectomy 6 years ago and guy number two is fertile! I am now pregnant and I took a prenatal paternity test with DDC stating that guy number 2 is the father. I was wondering if anybody got a test done by them and ever got a false positive? Can I trust them?

Thank you
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Hi, did you have sex with each of them only once? Because having sex three days apart, while making a dramatic situation in your mind, might not actually be when you got pregnant, if you and Mr. Fertile had sex at other times.

Anyway, you had sex with a guy with a vasectomy, and you had sex with a fertile guy, and you got pregnant, and the lab test you did ruled out the guy with the vasectomy and ruled in the fertile guy. It all adds up. Do you know if the vasectomy guy ever got his sperm levels tested after the vasectomy? That would also back up the DNA test.

What part of this feels troublesome to you? Even if all the lab said was "it's not the vasectomy guy," that should be enough certainty, but in your case, the testing went further and said "it is the fertile guy." I assume you are willing to trust medical science in general, such as, when you peed on a stick you believed it, right? Why you are now so doubtful about medical science that you can't trust a test done in a top lab? (Especially when one of the parties had a vasectomy and so there really didn't seem to be a need to test?) It's not like you did the test at one of those fake so-called "labs" in Canada that is renowned for losing results and only testing for a few markers; the DDC is one of the two best labs in the world for this kind of testing. By Internet report, there have been a handful of times when someone was given an "exclusion" (they claim, by the DDC) who was really the dad, but I've never seen an Internet report of someone being said by the DDC to be the dad who was not. And the reason I say "by Internet report," is that you never know what happened in the cases people report. A guy who didn't want to be named the father might have gotten his buddy to go to the lab in his place, there might have been communication issues between the collecting lab and the DDC, the guy could have been a chimera, etc. And some people who report issues online are simply trolls making things up; we have had that here. You can't trust Internet reports to be accurate, the lab test is real and online gossip has a thousand bad motives.

Women let their anxieties focus on paternity all the time when it is not the real issue. If you can't stop the unrealistic fears, you might want to consider talking over what is really scaring you with a counselor. Find the real source of your worry, and your paternity fears can be seen for the false target that they are, and will fade away.

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I have been having regular sex with guy number 2! But I had to go threw a lab in Quebec Canada that sends off my results to DDC, the company is called dnaforce. My paper has the logo DDC on it! I believe the results, I am just scared that this lab just wrote what ever they wanted on a piece of paper with the ddc logo on it

And guy number 1 with vasectomy told me he went back and got he’s semen checked and none was visible (don’t know if I believe him)
Sorry for my poor English I’m French
And thank you
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When a lab provides a service to people all over the world, they have to have the samples drawn by local labs and sent to them; this is not unusual (and imagine how astronomical the testing costs would be if they could not rely on local labs to do the blood draw! They would have to build intake labs in every city and town in the world.) Your only problem would be if you thought the place you went was an out-and-out scam. How much did they charge you? Did you tell them which guy you wanted to be the dad? (If not, it would be a lucky guess on their part if they were trying to scam you, for them to guess the guy you want.)

It shouldn't be hard to find out if "DNAforce" has a relationship with the DDC, either by reading their website or by phoning the DDC and asking. Get the DDC's phone number off its own website (not from the paperwork you received), and if there is any kind of identifying number on the chart, read that to them as well. Then just ask whether this is one of their approved collection sites. I believe you can also ask for a proof of the chain of custody of the samples for an added small fee.
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(Possibly that chain-of-custody thing is only available if you ordered it in the first place when you provided the samples.) I do think I have read that there is a relationship between DNAForce and the DDC, though. You might be able to put your worries to rest on that question.
Thank you! And the test was 1795 without taxe! But they kind of messed up with my paiement. They asked for 100$ deposit for reserving my date to get my blood drawn and then when they got the results and sent them to me they only charged 1785$ to my credit card. I do t know why they didint charge me the full amount? It would of come up to 2064 tax included
It sounds like you went to a legitimate lab that acts as a collection point for the DDC. But there is nothing wrong with contacting the DDC just to be sure. I think the fact that it was a positive and they aren't a fly-by-night outfit should put your worries to rest. If you simply can't stand it, test again after the baby comes. (It's much cheaper then, like a tenth of the cost.)
It could be that it's just a bookkeeping error -- someone might have made a mistake regarding the difference between US and Canadian dollars. Probably their accounting department will catch it and send you an invoice for the rest sooner or later.
It’s your boyfriends . I was in the same exact bite as you ! Vasectomy and all . Enjoy your pregnancy . Vasectomies rarely fail
I used ravgen . My daughter is here and i confirmed my results w ravgen and she is my boyfriends child . She looks just like him . I stressed over a vasectomy failing too but chances are like 1/1000
Thank you for your answer!!
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Sheldon, I noticed you posting on a different thread that you still have doubts. Do you want to try to figure this out by the dates? My original answer to you, I asked if you were sure the eventful three days was in fact even the correct time period to have gotten pregnant, if you had continued to have sex with the second guy. Did you have an early ultrasound, like, in your seventh week or so? If you did, it might help to confirm or change your idea of when you conceived.
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With my early ultrasound they said I got pregnant on the 3rd of November. I had sex with vasectomy guy on the 1 November and had sex with the other guy every other day around that date. That’s why I would never know who the father is

Then I got a second ultrasound at 12-13 weeks and they told me I was a week ahead of that date! But it wouldint make sense because i would of got pregnant 2 days after my period.

I also had a positive ovulation test done on the 3rd of November
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Ovulation test kits measure the rise in hormones that triggers ovulation, but they don't necessarily mean you are ovulating that day.  In fact, they don't mean you are ovulating that day unless the hormones had risen a couple of days earlier. Was that the first rise, had you been testing the whole week?

You got an ultrasound at 12-13 weeks and they told you that you were a week "ahead of that date." Could you give actual dates, not just conclusions? Maybe we can parse this out and be sure of what you were told. Please do it like this:

First day of last period: (calendar date) ______________
Date of first ultrasound:_________________________
(Was it at your doctor's or a pregnancy center?)
Estimated due date that they told you from that ultrasound:____________
(not date they said you got pregnant, but the date they said baby was coming)

Date of second ultrasound (calendar date):_____________________
Was it at your doctor's?
Estimated due date they told you from that ultrasound:____________
(not "they told me I was a week ahead," but the estimated day they said the baby was coming, from the ultrasound evidence)

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First day of last period is the 21 oct 2018
The date of first ultrasound was the 21 December and put the birth of the baby for the 27 July 2019 and it was at the hospital
Second ultrasound put me at 21 July 2017

Sorry I don’t remember the date  I went in for the second ultrasound
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Could the second ultrasound have been later than week 12 or 13 of pregnancy? That might explain the difference from the first one. Also, had you been having sex with guy #2 before the time with the vasectomy guy, or just after? Were you trying to get pregnant (thus, the ovulation testing)?
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The second ultrasound put me at 12 weeks 4 days instead of 11 weeks 5 days. And yes we had sex every 2 days I was trying to get pregnant! It was a mistake with the vasectomy guy! That’s why I did a paternity test
I am thinking that your test was correct, and the vasectomy guy did have a vasectomy, and that it was effective. The dates your doctors gave you don't rule the vasectomy guy out, but the test does.
I had my baby! I am not going to get an other DNA test but I am pretty sure it Is my boyfriends baby. He has the same blood group that is A+ and the other guy is B+, he also looks a lot like my boyfriend
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