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Sex with two guys now I’m pregnant.

Hi!! I need some help because I’m pretty confused. Please no judgment! I’ve never been in a predicament like this. So I started my period on December 25th and ended the 31st of 2019. I was with guy #1 before that, but didn’t have sex at all during my period. After my period from January 1st to January 18th I was with guy #2 and I had sex with guy #1 days after. My ovulation days were between the 5th through the 14th cause I have a period tracker. Who is the father??? I need help! I’m 22 weeks pregnant now.
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When you say "and I had sex with guy #1 days after," do you mean days after your period, or days after the sex with guy #2? If you mean days after guy #2, the only way it would be possible for guy #1 to be the father is if you have really irregular menstrual months, like sometimes the month is 27 days long and sometimes 40 days long and like that. (A period tracker app is only as good as the woman is regular, unless it has years and years of her data and can predict irregular cycles. I heard of one that good, though.) Anyway, if your cycles come on a regular basis and your tracker has been accurate for a while, I'd trust it, and if you had sex only with guy #2 during your fertile window, there shouldn't be a question. Are you concerned because of the sex before your period? That won't impact anything.

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I had sex days after the 18th after I had sex with guy #2. I’m concerned that I had sex with guy # 1 after my ovulation time which was between the 5th and 14th.. but I had sex with guy #1 days after the 18th once. He didn’t cum in me but guy #2 did cum in me every time we had sex.
Hi, could you clarify the part just above, where you say "I’m concerned that I had sex with guy # 1 after my ovulation time which was between the 5th and 14th." But above, you said "After my period from January 1st to January 18th I was with guy #2 and I had sex with guy #1 days after." Did you have sex with the first guy ONLY before your period and after the 18th? Or was he in between there too? (I'm talking about guy #1.)
In other words, I thought from what you said originally that the timeline was:

Before period: Guy #1 only
Period: (no sex with either guy)
After period, January 1-18: Guy #2 only
A few days after January 18: Guy #1

But are you saying instead the following:

Before period: Guy #1 only
Period: (no sex with either guy)
After period, January 1-18: Sex with Guy #1 and Guy #2
A few days after January 18: Sex with Guy #1

The dates of sex before your period and after January 18 don't matter, but if you had sex with both guys in between January 1 and 18, if you could give your estimated due date and the dates of the sex with each guy, we might be able to figure out who has the best chance.

So I had sex with guy #1 before my before my period. My period was from the 25th to the 31st of December. I didn’t have sex at all during my period. Guy #2 I was with from January 1st to January 18th. My ovulation days were between the 5th and 14th of January. I ended up having sex with guy #1 after the 18th of January. So yes I had sex with guy #1  only before my period and after the 18th of January, but only had sex with guy #1 once after the 18th. Then the rest I’ve been with guy #2 since. I’m sorry This is so confusing!!! Lol
Why I’m asking is because guy #2 has doubts it’s his child, I’ve been honest with him about everything I’ve been telling you too, but I’m almost positive it’s his child. Guy #1 didn’t finish inside me, but pre cum is a thing. Guy #2 did cum in me everytime we had sex. So I really just wanted some other voices to help me understand a little more so I can explain to him.
It's going to be Guy #2's child, no matter how much he might voice doubts. The time period that matters is that between the end of your period and January 18. You almost certainly didn't get pregnant as late as after January 18, unless you have super long cycles. Could you please mention what your due date is (given to you by the doctor from an ultrasound)? That should confirm it.
My due date is October 4th
Thank you so much for helping me out I am really appreciative of you!!!! :)
If the father (guy #2) is still doubtful, show him on a conception calculator that the due date of October 4 indicates conception was on January 12. There is no way that the first guy's sperm from before your period could have lived all the way to January 12. And January 12 is way too early to be confused with a few days after January 18 when you had sex with guy #1 again.

Thing is, if you aren't married to a guy and he is the father of your baby, he deserves the peace of mind that comes from a DNA test, since he's being expected to sign up for 18 to 21 years of  parental responsibility. It's not like you have to hide or finesse  the need for a test, the way some ladies on this site think they have to, because you've been forthcoming all along. Talk to your doctor about how to set up a DNA test at the hospital when the baby is born, and be sure the doctor understands you're looking for one that is legally admissible proof of paternity. This test being done will reassure the dad, and having it in your baby's record will protect the baby's rights. Maybe if you act understanding about guy #2's worry and don't act like it is any big deal to do a DNA test for proof, he'll lighten up about the denial.
Yeah I told him I would do a DNA test when she’s born just so he feels better, I guess I just want him to enjoy the pregnancy since these are really sentimental moments!! We were at a point where one second he thinks it’s his 100% and then there will be times it’ll really weigh on him and he questions “well how do I know you weren’t with guy #1 that whole time” and I’ll have to remind him that I was with him every single night that there was no way it can be guy #1. So it’s just been an ongoing battle with him sometimes and I hate that for him and just my daughter because it definitely weighs on me too. I think with the help of you it’s made him so much happier about it! I told him everything you had said and he just had a big smile on his face to hear it from someone other than me!
We weren’t really together at the time this was all happening, so when he found out about me being pregnant, he was so happy. He’s very excited for our daughter, so when he thinks about it not being his, I think it breaks his heart a little. So I’ve tried to work on it with him reassuring him it’s gonna be okay because its his child and we’re going to get a DNA test so he feels better. Thank you really for all your help you’ve helped so much to put us at ease! ❤️
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For a standard 28 day cycle ovulation is CD14, in this case Jan 8th. Your period tracker says your fertile window was Jan 5-14, which tells us you have an erratic cycle sometimes as long as 34 days. Even so your unprotected sex with Guy2 went on until Jan 18th, well past the longest ovulation on record. It is highly likely that Guy2 is the father. Sex before your December period cannot be responsible, and after  Jan 18 is highly unlikely.
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On my period tracker, my days that I can get pregnant are highlighted in purple which is the 5th to the 14th. My main ovulation day was the 11th. The 5th I had a 5.6% chance and it gets higher as it goes and after the 11th it goes down all the way to the 14th. So basically it was telling me that that was the time periods I could’ve possibly gotten pregnant I do believe.
On the 5th I had a 5.6% chance, 6th I had a 9.8% chance, 7th had a 17.9% chance, 8th had a 25.2% chance, 9th had a 31.7% chance, 10th was my actual ovulation date I was wrong but had a 35.4% chance, 11th was a 32.1% chance, 12th had a 25.8% chance, 13th had a 18.1% chance, and 14th had a 11.3% chance.
Yeah, I thought it would be something like that. By the time the 18th rolled around the chance would have been next to nothing. For a clockwork 28 day cycle the chances increase steadily from after your period to CD14, then drop off suddenly after CD15

With a somewhat irregular cycle you can cross check the tracker with physical signs such as cervical position (soft, high, open, wet), temperature jump, ovulation cramp and high libido.
Thank you so so much!!!! This has really helped me out!!!!
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