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What are the chances of being pregnant after taking 2 plan be pills?

Hello, so recently I was talking to this one girl that I met through tinder around the beginning of December and I started to go on dates with her.  At the time that I was talking to her it was my winter break from college and I spent most of my time with her.  Eventually, I had to go back up for spring semester and I didn’t see her again until the weekend of Jan 29th - Feb 1st.  When I saw her that weekend we had sex together for the first time and had intercourse multiple times for the time while was in town with her.  I originally thought that she was on the pill but that was not the case so the morning of the 30th she took a plan b pill just in case to be safe, I paid for the pill. We had sex again the morning of the 1st which is the same day I left except this time we used a condom. Unfortunately, the condom broke but I pulled out in time and was certain but I still thought I saw something on her privates so I paid for another plan b pill which she took in front of me before I left and I haven’t had sex with her since . Later on things between us got bad because she was emotionally manipulative so I tried to break up with her.  I however let her back into my life as a friend to which she found a way to talk romantically to me again which I allowed to happen.  A couple days ago, she scared me because she started mentioning how she hadn’t felt any cramping or anything and that now her period is 2 days late for the month of March. She however did say that she got her period for the month of Feb on time.  I really don’t want to be with anymore and she had never brought up anything about feeling symptoms of pregnancy before to me and so I’m not sure why she did and if she was just being manipulative or not.  She is also bipolar, was in a mental hospital last year, and she even told me herself that she’s positive she’s not pregnant especially because everything she’s feeling could be explained by her daily routine such as drinking a lot more water recently, getting little sleep, and eating very little throughout the day.  I really want to officially end things with her but I’m scared she’ll try to tell me that she is pregnant to keep me around. I was just wondering that if she took 2 plan b pills within the same weekend especially the same morning we had sex and with this much time having passed, what the chances of her actually being pregnant are. I also didn’t know how bad plan b can be for you if you take more than one within a certain time frame, she’s the one that said it was fine at the time.
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I don't think she is pregnant, and it doesn't sound like she thinks she's pregnant.

It doesn't sound like if you were to end the friendship she would claim to be pregnant "just to keep you around," it sounds like she is very clearly telling you she is not pregnant. (But if she were to claim pregnancy, a pregnancy test and a DNA test solve that problem, you don't need to stay around.)

You are casting yourself as the victim, and finding ways to put her down after having slept with her. This is an ungentlemanly thing to do. I get that you're afraid of an unexpected pregnancy. But it is not necessary to say she is "emotionally manipulative" and "found a way to talk romantically" to you (you can't be manipulated without your cooperation). You say she is bipolar and went to a mental hospital (presumably seeking help or healing, which should never be used by anyone to portray the person who sought medical help for such issues in a bad light). These are her problems and her cross to bear, but certainly she never told you about them so you could use them to justify your critique of her that springs from a fear that she is pregnant.

The next person you meet who flatters you and is flirty, don't hop in the sack just because she's sending out signals. Learn to use condoms properly. Only sleep with a partner who is on the Pill. Don't add to your partner's problems by being unwilling to ask any questions about contraception until it's too late.

When you tell her you want to end the connection (and don't avoid her, simply tell her) explain that it is because you don't want to lapse into a physical relationship again. Don't imply that she is being an evil manipulator of poor little you. Stand tall, say thank you for the good moments, and say you're sorry but you can't be friends any more because you (not she) are unable to hold a line at friendship even though that's all you want. This kind of honesty might sound very challenging, but it will be better for her and for you, in the long run. Everyone who has slept with someone else deserves at least a clean explanation of why it's over, when it is.

Good luck. I suppose you'll think this is harsh, but I'm trying to get you ready to be a great lover whom all future sex partners will be glad to have known, not a nervous guy who blames things on his partner. You can do this, and it will be to the good for you.
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