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When did I ovulate/conceive?

Okay so i need a little medical advice. Preferably from a doctor of some sort.
I'm pregnant
My last Period was 5/24/17... period ended 5/28/17... I had just stopped nuvaring the day before my period started. I had intercourse 5/29 (I squeezed as much sperm out as I could) and I have intercourse 6/4, 6/5, & 6/6.... 6/19 I took a test saying I'm pregnant... my cycle has always been 28 days ... when did I conceive ?
And is it possible that I got pregnant the day after my period ?
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Hm, this is always tricky.   And even under the best of circumstances, it's an educated guess.  Sperm can live for a few days and we ovulate at different times even when we are generally regular with our cycle.  Day one of your cycle is the first day of your period.  So, you had sex on day 6 of your cycle.  Greater fertility generally starts on day 9 for the average woman.  But . . .  you never know.  You could have gotten pregnant then or any of the other days.  Are you trying to determine paternity?
Unfortunately yes I am trying to determine paternity
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Did you get an ultrasound in early pregnancy?
Yes I did.
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You ask if it is possible you got pregnant the day after your period. Sure, it is. But you wouldn't have to -- in a way you are asking the wrong question. This is because sex on the 29th would produce sperm that lasts up to 5 or 6 days in your body. (Sperm has a long lifespan in the woman's reproductive system.)

This would mean that you could get pregnant from the sex on 5/29 up until probably 6/3 or even 6/4. (Incidentally, when you "squeeze out" semen, you are not getting rid of the sperm, they are fast little swimmers and were probably halfway up your Fallopian tubes by then. The semen is just the bus, the sperm are the passengers and rushed off the moment it hit your vagina.)

You say your cycles are always 28 days, but you had just been on Nuvaring, right? If your body unaffected by Nuvaring naturally had 28-day cycles so accurately that you could set your watch by it for years and years and this had all happened at a time when you had no influence of Nuvaring, then one could say you would be expected to ovulate on 6/6. But unfortunately, you were just off Nuvaring, and cycles can take a while to adjust when you are out of its influence. Women complain all the time that their cycles are totally out of whack for a couple of months when they adjust their birth control, or go off it.

Did you have an ultrasound in early pregnancy? And based on it, did they give you an estimated due date? If it was early enough, and if they used only the ultrasound to determine the due date (and didn't use your reported first day of your last period), you might be able to tell from that information when you conceived. If you didn't have an ultrasound in the early weeks, though, you probably won't have information useful enough to be able to rule out either guy until you have a DNA test.
I did have an ultrasound. My due date was 2/25 but they told me they use the first day of my period to determine how many weeks I was.
And how early in the pregnancy did you have the ultrasound?
I was only 12 weeks at the time
Oh and According to the Nuvaring website it would take 14 days - 28 days or more to ovulate again. I'm just hoping I'm no different from the women they studied for those results .
Unfortunately, as an embryo grows, the ultrasound gets less and less reliable for purposes of dating pregnancy, since some grow faster and some grow slower than average. At 12 weeks, if trying to use an ultrasound for dating purposes, doctors will tell you there is a margin for error of +/- 7 days either way. (By your 40th week, there is a 3-week margin for error.) For the precision to try to rule out the first guy, you would have needed a 6th or 7th week ultrasound, and even then with the sex so close together I would have recommended a DNA test also, to be sure.

Get the DNA test when the baby comes, and do it so you are all set for legal determination of paternity. If you don't know what lab to use, call the family courts in your area of jurisdiction and ask the judge's clerk for a list. The lab should require ID and be serious about security. (Use no drugstore tests here.) You should go with the possible father(s) so you know the guy didn't send his buddy in his place. Test with both men, one man's positive will back up the other man's negative.

If you had gotten your info from a 6th-week ultrasound, it would sound like you had about a 2-day margin between when the first guy's sperm  died and when you presumably got pregnant. But unfortunately, you just don't have the information to be sure.
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