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Who could be the dad ?

I am 30 wks today. I think my lmp was on 5/6 im not sure because it's irregular sometimes. My doc calculated due date 2/10/19 from lmp. But ultrasound put me at 30 wks now. Had sex with 2 partners both trying to get me pg. Had sex with guy 1 on 4/28, 5/28. Guy 2 were 5/13,5/15,5/16 and then Guy 1 on 5/27,5/28. Then guy 2 two days after. I have a 28 day cycle between march and may. My p did not come on period(no spotting,light bleeding) in june.
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Hi, Lira, did you have any early ultrasounds (such as, around your 7th week)? Did the doctor give you an estimated due date from just the date of your last period, or did he or she have access to an ultrasound of the embryo?
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Also, so I am clear I understand you, the way the sex went in relation to your last period was:

Guy 1    April 28
Period began May 6
Guy 2    May 13
Guy 2    May 15
Guy 2    May 16
Guy 1     May 27
Guy 1     May 28
Guy 2    May 30
(I meant, is that right?)
If the above dates are right, and if you didn't have an early ultrasound, it could be either guy.

This is because by the time you are at 30 weeks,  if you try to use an ultrasound dating of the pregnancy to determine when you conceived, it is not going to necessarily be correct. Babies grow at different rates, and by your 40th week your doctor will tell you that the margin for error is +/- 3 weeks when trying to judge by the size of the baby when you might have conceived. I was asking how early the ultrasound was that gave you your first due date, and would like to know if the due date was computed from the data from an ultrasound, not just from when you prior period was. (Unfortunately, when your last period came is not a certain way to determine when conception was either, since women don't always ovulate two weeks after their last period.) If you come back to this, please mention at what stage of pregnancy you were (in weeks) when you had the ultrasound on which you are basing your counts.
Ok i got my dates wrong. On june 11 i found out i was pregnant about 5 weeks, wasn't given a due date in the emergency room. I had a doc appt June 18 she said i should be 6 weeks in. Further out i had an ultrasound on Sept. 21 I was told i was 19w5days ans was told gender.

But now my dates of intercourse are wrong. Guy 2 was 5/8 to 5/12. We didn't return until beginning of June. Guy 1 was between 5/21-5/27.
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Hi Lira, this is not an uncommon dilemma. You are not alone. Your recall of LMP and the 30 week ultrasound (not usually too accurate for dating) both agree that the ovulation for this pregnancy was about May 21. If that is true the three days in mid May qualify as high risk and the days at the end of May were too late in the cycle to be of concern. Guy 2 has my vote!

If the 30 week figure has you puzzled, remember that the doc's count starts from LMP even though the ovulation was 14 days later.
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OK, by your new information, the way the sex went in relation to your last period was:

Guy 1    April 28
Period began May 6
Guy 2    May 8 - 12
Guy 1    May 21 - 27
Guy 2   June on

When you had the doctor appointment on June 18, where she said you were "6 weeks out," did she do an ultrasound?  If she did, did she give you the February 10 due date from that ultrasound evidence without considering information about when your last period came that might have been sent by the ER? Or did she tell you that your last period must have come on May 6 because of ultrasound evidence of the size of the baby? (That latter would not be bad.)

If you really did ovulate around May 20, which a reading of the dates suggests is at least possible, then Guy 1 has the edge to be the dad, by a long way. But if your first ultrasound was not until your 19th week and your last period was questionable, there is really no way to be totally sure at this point unless you have a prenatal DNA test done.  If your only hard data is from an ultrasound in the 19th week, you have to add a week or even a week and a half margin for error either direction to any computed dates.

A lot of the numbers in your story suggest ovulation between May 20 and 23. Unfortunately, they could all just have been plugged in by the first doctor based on when your last period came, not from ultrasound evidence, and then not changed later. (You also said you weren't sure how reliably regular that period was, so if a doctor did make assumptions from it, the assumptions could be off.) If you have any evidence that the doctor reconsidered things upon seeing the ultrasound(s), that would be helpful.

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