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Who could be the father?

LMP 13/10/2019
Sex with fiance up to 25/10/2019
Sex with ex 3/11/2019

Found out I was pregnant on 12/11/2019
Took clear blue with weeks indication on 13/11/2019 showed 3 weeks +

Ultrasound on 27/11/2019 showed a 6mm CRL with EDD of 19/7/2020 (per LMP)
Ultrasound on 26/12/2019 showed a 40mm CRL with EDD of 17/7/2020

If I were to use my clear blue results and my ultrasounds, they point to my fiance. Could it be possible that my ex is the father?
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It does not sound like your ex is the dad, but not by the most safe of margins.

To be sure I understand you, I'll repeat what you said using no acronyms, writing the names of the months rather than using numbers (where I live, 3/11/2019 is March 11) and asking for clarification in brackets.

Last menstrual period [began on? ended on?] October 13, 2019
[Menstrual months are: regular? irregular? and ___ days from day 1 of a period to day 1 of the next period]
Sex with fiance [from October 13] up to October 25
Sex with ex on November 3
[sex was unprotected with both? men]

Learned about the pregnancy on November 12
Took Clear Blue with weeks indication on November 13
showed "3 weeks +"

Ultrasound November 27 showed a 6mm crown-to-rump length; estimated due date was given as July 19, 2020 based on the first day of the last period [did they say why they didn't base it on the ultrasound data?]
Ultrasound on December 26 showed a 40mm crown-to-rump length and gave an estimated due date of July 17

[When you had the ultrasound on November 27, what gestational age count did they give you, was it 6 weeks 3 days?]
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Yes you are right. My periods vary from 27 days to 33 days (on average 29 days) But it always come every month. Unprotected with both men.

EDD on ultrasound 27 Nov showed based on CRL and LMP. And yes it stated as 6 weeks and 3 days.
It sounds like you conceived around October 27th, about a week before sex with your ex. Is the baby a girl?
It's a boy.
Even so, it really does sound like you were pregnant by about a week when you has sex with the ex. I'd make plans to get a DNA test when the baby is born simply so as to never have to wonder again, and then forget it forever. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage and baby!
had, not "has" : )
I am puzzled to why you ask about the gender. Any relations it could be either?
I assume you have read that sperm lives a while in the woman's body. There is a theory that since male sperm swim faster (and apparently live a bit shorter), and female sperm swim slower (and apparently live a bit longer), a baby conceived in the first few days after sex is more likely to be a boy, and if conceived a little later (maybe the third, fourth or fifth days after sex?), it is more likely to be a girl. The sex on the 3rd sounds too late to have produced the pregnancy in either case, but if the baby had been a girl, that theory would have also tended to help rule out Mr. Ex. (Because the timing of the sex with him is already a week too far out without also needing to be a few days more.) I don't know how much research has been done on the whole concept, though...it's mostly used by couples who are trying to have a baby of the opposite gender from a child they already have, and it's not a theory you will see scientific papers written on.

The date of conception does seem to be a week earlier than sex with Mr. Ex anyway. While that's not a huge margin, it really does sound like the baby is from your fiance. A quiet DNA test once the baby is born is only being careful, because you never want to have your child go on Ancestry.com some day and have a surprise. But in your shoes, I'd go through the pregnancy pretty comfortable that my fiance is the dad.
Aaah, I see. I didn't know about the different genders of sperm's mobility. But thank you so much for taking your time to explain to me and share your opinions. I appreciate it alot :)
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