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Who is the father? HELP

I know here there are some many case but anybody can give me its point of view, it will help me. Thanks

My period came july 22-July 23

I had sex with a guy #1 Aug 12
My period came but it was short. Period aug 24- period end aug 26.
Then in september my period came 24 sep-26
For me those months were weird because the period was 2 days.

From sep 27 to october 12 I had sex with my husband, we gave us a second chance. Then I missed my period the 24 of october, I took a test the 26 and I was Pregnant.
✔I Took an early ultrasound and they asked me for my last period. They told me I was 8 w 4 d pregnant in nov 23
✔ I paid a Beta Hcg test Nov 24 result were 64577
✔ I took an ultrasound in Dec 31 and they told me I was 15 w 2 d for the measurements of the baby.
For all the ultrasounds the conception was in October ( sex with my husband)
Nevertheless the guilty made me pay ravgen and I just tested the mistake guy and they said he is the father 99%.I paid it because I want it peace in labor day but now I feel very sad.
Doctor told me due date is June 25 base on my ultrasounds.  Help please

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Hi, do you live in the US or Canada? Ravgen only processes tests from those two countries, and I am wondering if you fell into the hands of some other lab using their name.
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Hi Annie. THANKS for taking the time to aswer. God bless you.
I live in the US. She asked me to go to a lab and they did blood sample for me and mouth sample for the mistake guy. She gave the results by phone and i couldn't believe it, i  called again to be sure. I thought it was a nightmare but they said he is the father 99%, with all my ultrasounds he conception was in October . Or following the AG 15w 2d  date 31 of December  the conception was 1 of october. Can you please confirm me if that is right. In October I just had sex with my partner with no protection.
I paid $960 and I waited for 3 weeks.  I chose ravgen because it seems a trustful company and everybody said they are acurate. I just want to exclude the mistake guy and be in peace for the due day and now I feel very sad, depressed. If you can help me with any advice.
Also, I forgot to ask you if you also tested your husband. Is this all based on the test of just the one man? (Ravgen does "discreet testing," meaning you could test without your husband knowing, and a lot of women do go for this option.)

You are correct in thinking that the ultrasounds point to conception in October. Unless nobody looked at the size of the embryo and each doctor just forwarded the information from your first ultrasound to the next (which would be some pretty indifferent work), it's hard to see how it would all be wrong. Something you could certainly do, is test again with the mistake guy, using a different lab (I'd recommend the DDC). If the DNA lab results are the same, you would know the mistake was with the doctors, but if the DNA results differ, you would be able to call Ravgen back and ask them to for heavens sake re-check their work at every step.

There is a very rare thing that some mammals do, but it's never been proven in women, and that is when an embryo begins and then sort of "hibernates" and continues to develop later. One or two scientists have speculated humans might have this capacity in rare circumstances, but you would be the first ever to have it happen in all the times women have been assessed by science, so I can't suggest that's what is happening. It is also possible even at the world's best lab for a mistake occur in the recording of the information, though I've never heard of one from Ravgen before. (They have had a few times where the man was a chimera, for example, but that would produce a false negative, not a false positive.) Is there a close genetic relationship between the two men?

Thanks for taking your time. I really appreciate that.

So far I don't have more money to spend,  so I am planning to do the after birth test with DDC. I think is cheaper.

I have 7 ultrasounds, with different doctors, not always the same, for me the most accurate was the 31 Dec because the doctor told me that following my LMP  the baby was 14 w 1 d but the AUA is 15 w 2 d  and she gave me this measurement.
Bdp 3 cm
Hc 11 cm
Ac 10 cm
Fl 1.7

The mistake guy is afro american and my husband is hispanic. Not related at all

I have thought if might be I am the person who is a chimera, I am looking for any response in my mind to explain what happened. I am a triplet but one sister died in the pregnancy. My sister and me survived. I never tested me as chimera. I am just figuring it out why that result.

Thank for share your knowledge.
Also I just test the mistake guy. Now I will test my husband.  ( DDC afterbirth) It will break my heart honestly, he is so happy with the idea of the baby.
Well, if you didn't have sex with the first guy since August, and all of the medical information from your doctors is pointing to October, but the DNA test points to the August guy as producing the baby, something is not clicking. In your shoes, I would be certain to let Ravgen know what is going on, and ask it to be reviewed at a higher level, to rule out an error of some kind. I would also talk it over with your doctors, to rule out casual misreadings of your ultrasounds. And finally, I would indeed look up embryonic diapause so you know what it is. As I said, nobody has ever been able to show it happens in human beings; it happens in animals that aren't even closely related to humans. But you might as well know what it is.
ps -- If you can, before the baby comes, the person to test is your husband.
Thank you so much. Have a good night. Thanks for your advices . This help me a lot. Good night
Keep me posted, sweetheart.
I will  :-)
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If the only time you had sex with Guy1 was Aug 12 the due date would be at the end of April. Maybe you get better read on paternity by running a test with your husband too.
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Yes, I am planning to make the test with Ddc after the baby born. It is 350 dollars. Now I am trying to save the money. I will keep you updated. Also, today I went to the doctor and she told me I am 31 weeks by measurement. Anyway I am trying to be ready at least for May 6
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Hi everybody. Ravgen rechecked my test, and they told me the mistake guy is not the father. (98% he is not the father) Thanks God.

If you are not sure about the results, talk with them, explain everything so they could recheck and give you its opinion.
( it is not cheap, so you have to ask)

I will wait for the letter and show you the photo.
Also I will be waiting for my due date to confirm. Possibly I will retest with Ddc.

Mistakes happens. The important thing is ravgen were fast to give me an aswer and recheck after all when I explained my dates.

I learned a lesson and it is not to put me again in that kind of situation.  Ravgen is not guilty to have sex with another person who is not my husband. It was my responsibility. They are just a tool to be more in calm after what I did.

If you are pregnant and you don't know who is the father, some advices.

1- make an earlier ultrasound ( In my favor, I visited different doctors and I always ask the baby age by measurement and I recorded each one in my notes with exact dates )

2- make a paternity test after the baby is born. ( I think is better after all this situation)

3- If you want to make a non  invasive paternity test, recheck the result after the baby born and used a different lab for each one.

4- The best are Ravgen Y DDC ( what I read)

I will keep you updates and confirm everything. Thanks for being here for me.

Now I am waiting for my due date: 25 June 1 july
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Congratulations, Lulu on everything getting straightened out. Wonderful for you and your husband that your doctors were right all along.  :-)
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