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Who is the father?

So I had sex with guy A on September 8 and with guy B all over the month. On 27 september i had a small bleeding witch I guess it was implantation, then on 28 sept i got the faintest line i’ve ever seen on a pregnancy test. On 30 september i made a hcg with a result of 47.
On 5 octomber i’ve got my first ultrasound, with gestational sac 0,20 mm (4 weeks 1/2 days pregnant) and on 17 september another ultrasound, CRL 0,37 (6w0d).
After these two ultrasounds, my conception date seems to be 19-20 octomber.
So, are there any chanses for guy A to be the father?
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Sorry i’ve madr some mistakes: last ecografy was on 17 octomber not september, and date of conception 19-20 september, not octomber.
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If you were 6 w 0 days on October 17, that points to conception on September 19. But it would be better if your doctor had given you a due date rather than a weeks count. Did you get a due date and was it based on your ultrasound results alone? (Or did they just count forward from your last period?)
Yes my doctor has given me a due date based on ultrasound, not  from my last period. 11 june 2018
Actually, 13 june sorry
Points to September 20, so, nothing about the story suggests you got pregnant on September 8 or even in the days afterward when the sperm would still have been viable from that event.
Thank you
so much gor your answer!
I’m very paranoic, maybe because of
the guilt I feel about that enconter with guy A.
I wanna add some informations: on 19 october I made another ultrasound, at another clinic and doctor, and it came 6w2 days, CRL 0,50. All good at that point.
But on my last ultrasound, at 10w6d calculated from the dates of the first three ultrasound, the baby measuents was 11w1d, CRL 4,40 and that was on november 21. So the conception date is now 17-18 september.
So my question is: how accurate were the first ultrasounds? Can they be off with more than 5 days?
And another thing that i have in my mind is, was it possible to get a positive pregnancy test(even with a verry verry faint line) after only 9dpo? And the beta hcg @ 47 wasn’t too high for 11dpo? Do you think that with all this dates i gave, is there any posibility for guy A to be the father?
Hi, please talk this over with your doctor. It will help you more than someone on the Internet can. The dates are close, but I don't think too close to be pretty certain.

If you cannot live with the ambiguity, spend the big bucks for a prenatal DNA test with Ravgen or the DDC, though if you do, you should test with both men, or you will just do all the "very paranoic" stuff all over again by wondering if the results are somehow in error.
My doctor said conception accured 19-20 september. A DNA test isn’t posible at this time. I’m only asking on the internet cuz i REALLY want some opinions about my story, and I can t talk to anyone i know about this issue.
My questions from last comment remains the same, if you or anybody wants to give me an opinion...
I tend to agree with your doctor, and I'm pretty much the only person who writes in this forum, so that is the opinion from here. But perhaps someone else will chime in.
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So you think i can rule out guy A?
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