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Who’s the dad

My lmp was July 15th,2020
Had sex man A on July 24(after midnight)/25
Man B July 28th(after midnight)/29
Conception date July 29th
I went to doctor August 26th and I was 6 weeks
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When you went to the doctor on August 26, did you have an ultrasound on that date? If not, how did you get the 6 weeks figure, did he use a little cardboard wheel and compute it from the first day of your last period?
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Yes my ultrasound was done and my doctor gave me 6 weeks.
6 weeks zero days or 6 weeks and some number of days? Did the doctor give you an estimated due date? (It might be printed on the ultrasound if you have a copy, under the abbreviation EDD.)
6 weeks, 0 days & yes she gave me April 21st for due date
And from your user name, the baby you're going to have is a boy?
It would be the second person (man b), correct?
Thank you also if it was a girl would that have changed the changed the answer?
If you look up the Shettles method, it would support the idea that the baby being a boy is indicative that it comes from the sex on the date closest to the date you ovulated, which your early ultrasound indicates was on the 29th.

This means you have two things that suggest (but don't prove) the sex with the second guy produced the pregnancy. One is the (presumed) ovulation date (as figured from the size of the baby at the 6 week 0 day ultrasound) is five days after sex with the first guy. There has been some scientific exploration of how long sperm last in your body. Some research says 4-5 days and some says 3-6 days, meaning you could be more sure if the sex had been, say, 10 days before ovulation and not 5 days before ovulation. But if you add in the Shettles method, it says male-chromosome carrying sperm only last about 3 days. Shettles is not scientifically proven, but seems to make some sense. Basically, putting two things together that aren't totally for sure and anchoring them with the data from a good, early ultrasound, comes up with the likelihood that the second guy is the dad. It's not proof, though.

Is there any chance of getting a prenatal DNA test, or are those out of the question because of their high cost? If so, definitely get a DNA test done at the hospital with the presumed dad when the baby is born. They are only about a tenth as expensive once the baby is here, and if you aren't married, you'll want the legal proof of paternity to be right there in your son's medical records anyway.
Ok and yes I’m getting a dna test with second guy
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All three scenarios could have resulted in pregnancy. A paternity test will be necessary.
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