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how to figure out what day i became pregnant

i recently found out i was pregnant.
i normally start my period on the 26th or 27th.
my last period was november 27th, i had sex on the 5th of December, and then again on the 13th of December. i took 2 home pregnancy tests on December 29th confirming i was indeed pregnant. that would make my ovulation between the 8th and the 13th. could anyone possibly be able to tell me which day i most likely got pregnant on. thank you
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Hi! My cycle ..last period was same day Nov.27...I'm currently pregnant as well.My dic said I most likely got pregnant on the 11 of Dec,but I think it was the 9 . who knows congratulations on your pregnacy
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Meant to say my Doc...typo
so do you think i probably got pregnant from the 5th? the only reason im asking is because it was 2 different people. (im not a ****, just got out of a longg relationship and im still young so i had a little fun)
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Hi no worries here...I totally understand, starting to think I'm your older twin lol...you should try this app,it may help especially since I'm no obgyn. Do you have an appointment yet? Are you gonna keep the baby? It's still your blessing and things will be okay. We both will be no matter what! No matter who. I will be back with name of app. I had sex on the 9 10 11 so I'm not sure either.
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Not thinking the 5,but you should make appt to doc
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The app is called Mobile mom due date calendar it is a purple background.. I hope this helps you can keep in touch with me if you want
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Hi, kayliee, did you have an ultrasound yet?  If not, this is a good time to get one.  If you are not with someone from whom you would prefer to hide the fact that there are two possible dads, explain the situation to your doctor and ask that your baby's estimated due date be calculated only from the measurements and developmental markers shown on the ultrasound (not calculated from the first day of your last period).  You can then take that due date home and put it into a due-date calculator online or just count back 266 days on the calendar, and that will give you the best estimate of your estimated conception date.

Was the sex unprotected with the first guy?  Sperm can live 5 to 6 days in your system, meaning that an estimated conception date between December 5 and 11 could have come from the first guy.  Not a lot of gap between them.  But if you are going to be able to tell from an ultrasound at all, now is the time to do it, as babies all begin the same size (1 cell) but they can vary in their growth rates.  So get hopping  to get any info that is useful -- by your 12th week there is a margin for error of +/- 7 days if using an ultrasound for this purpose.

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