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i had sex with two guys on the same day now im pregnant who is the father??

on november 28 i had sex with my ex boyfriend but he did not cumm and that night i had sex with my boyfriend and he did come but now im pregnant. i only had cheated on my boyfriend that one time. my period started 11/19/2013 and ended 11/24/2013. i dont know ho is the dad im kind of sure it is my boyfriends because we always had unprotected sex and we were trying to get me pregnant what is the chance my ex boyfriend could be the father of my baby.
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Really? Honestly it could be either/or. Precum also contains sperm. Good luck with that.
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When did you get the positive pregnancy test?  
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The short answer is, no matter what you figure out from dates, you definitely will need a DNA test once the baby is born.  This should be the first thing you plan on.

Just going from the first day of your last period, you would have ovulated around December 3.  Unfortunately, judging from the first day of the prior period is not that useful, especially if your cycles are not super regular to the day.  And of course, even if you knew for sure you ovulate December 3, you could not assure yourself that the ex was ruled out, since sperm can last 5 days in your system.  (Despite his not ejaculating, you can't guarantee he didn't have some sperm come down in his pre-ejaculatory fluid.)  Anyway, overall, your chances of the baby being your boyfriend's are a whole lot greater, but there is still a slim chance the baby is your ex's.  

To try to narrow this down a bit, see if you can get an ultrasound in the week of December 30 or January 6.  Be sure to ask at that ultrasound for your estimated due date (EDD).  Once you have that, you can put it into a conception calculator or just manually count back 266 days to the presumed date of conception.  If, once you do the calculations, ovulation does come out to be at around December 3 for conception, that isn't going to eliminate either candidate, but if it comes out at, say, December 7 or later (or, unusually, November 26 or earlier) that will help you rule out the ex.
Can u look at my question?
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thank you that really helps
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Im in a similar situation..im 5 weeks...does that put conception around the 28th of nov
Hi, worried, how do you know that you're 5 weeks, did you have an ultrasound and they measured the embryo?
If you had an actual ultrasound where they saw and measured the baby, and from that (not just from your report of when your last period came) they told you an estimated due date, and you put the estimated due date into an online conception calculator and got the estimated date of conception, it can be relied on. If the doctor just counted forward from your last period on a calendar or little cardboard wheel, the figure of "5 weeks" can't be relied on. Women's cycles aren't always regular.

If you  did get an ultrasound count of "weeks," that is a count from either the first day of your last period or a calculated first day of your last period. This would mean a count of "5 weeks pregnant" means conception about three weeks ago.
Hi I'm in a similar situation. God I feel bad I was an Emotional wreck last year. So My last period was around December 10th or 11th that will lead up to ovulation being the 23,24 or 25 of December. I'm currently 8 weeks and 6 days pregnant today Is February 10th. I had decided with my boyfriend  22nd through 24th of December and then I had sex with my ex 25th of December most likely to have ovulated. Then I had sex with my boyfriend December 26th and the rest of the week. Both partners was unprotected .Who do you think I'll most likely be pregnant by ? Yes I did go to a doctor and had a ultrasound, but I think it's most likely my boyfriend because he cums in me all the time.
Hi, Natalia, while your boyfriend had more chances, on December 25, you would have had living sperm in your system from both guys. Unless you knew for certain that you got pregnant on December 24 (and there is no way to know this for certain), you aren't going to know whose sperm won the race to the egg until you get a DNA test. These tests can be done before or after the baby is born, but the prenatal ones are much more costly than the post-natal ones, so lots of women don't test until after the baby comes. Incidentally, when you do test, test with both men.

What estimated due date (calendar date, not weeks -- like, September 16) did the doctor give you? That might shine some light on whether you really ovulated when you think you did.
Well I did the calculations and my period happened December 9th and my cycle is 29 days . So my ovulation date would be around December 23 and 24th
And the estimated due date they gave me was September 16th
And the estimated due date they gave me was September 16th. The peak of my ovulation would have been the 19-24 and I had sex the 20 through 24th of December so It would be my boyfriend's
Well, good luck. From your due date as given by your ultrasound, the estimated conception date would be the 24th. It's too bad that is only one day before the 25th, but it can keep your spirits up until you get the DNA test. You do need to know for sure, for moral fairness to all parties (not the least to your child), and one day is too tight of a margin to say for sure. But I will cross my fingers for you.
Thank you
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Curious to know how this turned out... who ended up being the dad?
Hi, Tams, it's kind of ironic, but even the most worried of posters don't usually write back when they get their answer. People usually only write in when they are fretting. After they get an answer by DNA test, even if they don't like the results of the test at least they aren't fretting over the question any more. They move on with their life and more or less forget they ever even posted the question.
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