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need help

hi I need help im not sure when I got my period I think it was May 25th im with my boyfriend Im been having sex with him over7 years on all June I had sex with my boyfriend I had sex with a new guy only One time June 9 and June 11 I took plan b I want to know who might be my baby father I want toy dr and they told Me my due date is Feb 28
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How did you get the due date, in other words, did the doctor use a little wheel or a calendar, or was it from an ultrasound?  If it was from an ultrasound, how far along did they say you were at the time, what number of weeks and days?
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Well i didn't know for sure my pd date .so they did a ultrasound and my dr said I had my pd on May 24 or 25 my due date is Feb 28 then my next visit they did a ultrasound again and im still do February 28 .im hoping is my boyfriend Im sure it him not number 2 guy
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Frist ultrasound it was July 28 and I was 9weeks 2days the my 2end visit was Aug 11 and I was 11 weeks 5days pls help
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Your first ultrasound was early enough to be used to calculate the date of conception within a range of about +/- 3 days.  When you put the February 28 due date into a conception calculator, it comes up June 7 and gives a range of from June 4 through 10.  This is unfortunate, because it obviously doesn't rule out the other guy.

Especially if you had been having sex all this seven years with your boyfriend and never used protection, that kind of puts pretty strong suspicion on the sex with the other guy.  If the sex all these years with your boyfriend was protected, then that is not as suggestive a statistic.

All you can do is get a DNA test, the dates are too close if you had sex with your boyfriend all around the time you had sex with the other guy.
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But when I had sex with the other guy I took Plan B so when I had sex with guy #2 it was June 9 and took Plan b June 11 . You think it didn't work?? Cuz I keep asking my Dr all the time and they did help me alot and they take the time to see the baby and it keep saying Feb28 and that mean I maybe conserve June 6 or 7 and im sure June 7 I had sex with my boyfriend!!
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With only two days between the sex that you hope produced the pregnancy and the sex you hope did not produce the pregnancy, and a margin for error of up to three days or so for dating the pregnancy by ultrasound (because of having the ultrasound in your ninth week), I would not put entire faith on the Plan B to guarantee the outcome you hope for.  By your story, you would have had to have an embryo in your system from your boyfriend that was either already implanted by the 11th, which is a little too early for one that began on the 7th (they only implant after the fifth or sixth day of life) or that was still floating around and not attempting to implant yet, at the time you took the Plan B.  In the second scenario,the embryo would have had to implant after the Plan B was no longer effective, so, maybe around the 14th or 15th.  This is not impossible, but it is not something you can prove by the numbers and the dates.  

Plan B is only effective 7 out of 8 times, and it seems to me that it is not something that works like a laser, cutting out one sexual event out of several.  The fact that you did get pregnant makes me think the Plan B just didn't work.  I hope you did get pregnant by your boyfriend.  You do need a DNA test, though.
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