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Is Guy A or Guy B my child's father

I had a period July 19-24
I had unprotected sex with guy A July 27th
I had unprotected sex with guy B August 2nd
I got pregnant August 6th
Does guy A or guy B father my child?
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And My Due date was April 29th 2020
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If you "got pregnant" August 6, the father would be Guy B.  But how do you know when you got pregnant? Were you getting ultrasounds at the time and saw the egg in your ovary one day and then saw it was out of the ovary the next day? (I'll check your other information to see if you tell me why.)
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Also, at what point in the pregnancy were you given the due date? Was it by ultrasound measurement of the embryo?
I went to the hospital Sept 9th thinking i had the flu but i wasn't sick i was pregnant, i got my first ultrasound then also i was 6 weeks 6 days pregnant i did this lil calculator thing and it says i could've gotten pregnant between August 2nd and August 11th in not absolutely sure which date i actually conceived im just going by what my doctor said also August 22nd Guy A came to me saying he was experiencing a few symptoms but i didn't know i was pregnant at the time
It does sound like Guy B is the dad. From everything you are saying, July 27 is just a bit too early. I would do a DNA test when the baby comes just to rule out Guy A, but it doesn't sound like there is much question. Do one with Guy B, too, for legal reasons -- so it will be in your child's medical records that he is the dad.
So it doesn't matter that guy A came and told me before i found out and he was the one experiencing all the symptoms that a male would feel if he was the father so why did he gain the baby fat if it's not his child help me cause im kinda confused
Sorry, are we talking about a baby that is already born? Why don't you just do a DNA test with guy A?
My suggestion to do a DNA test with guy A was based on the assumption that you're trying to keep the sex with guy A a secret from guy B. If it's the other way around, test with guy B. Basically, test with the guy who obviously knows you had sex with two guys in a short amount of time, not the guy who doesn't have a clue there is a need for the test. (There will be plenty of time for that difficult conversation if the first guy's test comes up positive.)

If both guys already know there could be a paternity question, just test with both of them. It's the best way -- one will get a "no" and the other will get a "yes" and their tests will confirm each other's results.
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