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Hi! I need help please. I had unprotected sex with Guy 1 on July 12th. No more after that. I had unprotected sex with Guy 2 on July 29th. I started my last period on July 31st. (I don’t understand when you all say, if you start your period that means your not pregnant because I’ve known some women to have their periods while pregnant..) Anyways, I had unprotected sex again with Guy 2 on August 6th and consistently throughout August. My period was suppose to come on August 25th but it didn’t. I took a pregnancy test on September 2nd and it came back positive. I went to get an early ultrasound scan that same day.. it was too early to know how far along I was. All you could see was a small finding, that may have been a gestational sac forming.. I went back on September 13th and the ultrasound measured me at 6 weeks and 2 days which matches my LMP.. I can’t stop obsessing over the possibility that Guy 1 could be responsible for my pregnancy?
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The count of a pregnancy in "weeks" (gestational age, or GA) was developed before ultrasounds. It uses as its start point, the first day of the woman's last period before she got pregnant. The GA count begins when she's not even pregnant yet. Pregnancy from conception to full-term birth is only 38 weeks long, but all GA measures use a 40-week count, in order to start at day 1 of the prior period, which the count assumes to be two weeks before conception. All medical textbooks, doctors, nurses, "What to Expect When You're Expecting", ultrasounds, everything medical -- count out the pregnancy time period that way, with two weeks where you are actually not pregnant added at the front end. The day you were told you were "6 weeks 2 days pregnant" by a doctor or ultrasound tech, if you had said "Do you mean that I conceived 6 weeks 2 days ago?" they would have said no. If you were told from an ultrasound that you are 6 weeks 2 days GA, that means you are 4 weeks 2 days from the day you conceived.

If you knew all that and were just freaking out, please think again. If you had gotten pregnant from the sex on July 12, the ultrasound September 13th would have shown that you were in your 9 week. And the earlier ultrasound would have shown you to be in your 7th week, which is a very visible embryo, not a small possible gestational sac where you had to go back later to see if it was a pregnancy.
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The fact that I did my research and knew all of this is crazy! I’m just freaking out. I know I couldn’t have just got pregnant from the sex on July 12 because sperm doesn’t live in your body that long. Is it possible that I’m just now implanting from the sex on July 12? I read you can implant late..
If you read that an embryo can stay alive for more than a month with no implantation and therefore no blood supply from the mother, you're reading some weird stuff. And under that theory, how would you explain that when the ultrasound measured the embryo, it was only about 4 weeks since conception?
So, you don’t believe that there’s any possible way I could be pregnant from the encounter on July 12th? The embryo just now implanting from that encounter?
I already asked you to explain the proof you have that embryos can float around unattached for more than a month and then suddenly implant and start up, without dying from lack of nutrition. If this seriously sounds like a real thing to you, ask your doctor how long an embryo has from the moment of conception, before it must implant or die. Then, see your therapist. You've got to overcome your habit of excessive rumination -- you want to be there for your child, not off in "what if" land over every worry.
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