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She says She pregnant but wouldnt provide proof

I met a woman a month ago, the first night we met, we had sex in the back of my car without a condom, After a minute of sex, she goes " You came in me" as I'm still going, once she said that, I pushed her off and was like "No I didn't" since I never felt the release, I have been with many women in my life, this never happened to me, I know my body and I would have knew if I did came or not. When she said that, she scared the freaks out of me, and the whole time I was asking myself if I did or not. So I just stayed in contact with her to know if she got her period or not, a month passes by with days of her not replying back to my emails, saying she got pregnant, saying she went to a clinic and got her test. So I right away asked for the clinic test results papers, Since no proof means she's basically bs'ing me. And those papers were never provided. So I would like to know what should I do, thank you all and I know I shouldn't have had sex without a condom, but it wasn't the first time I did that, and I know myself when to pull out, like feeling im about to release.. Anyways, Feedback would be helpful....

P.S. she turned out to be an ex heroin addict.
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ditto that sigh.  

This is a sad situation.  Dude, buy some condoms and have responsible sex.  

Time will tell if she is pregnant.  If she is and has a baby and claims it is yours, then she legally has to have a dna test done on the child in order to claim child support.  Worry about that then.  She's clearly not a girlfriend or someone you care about or even know much about.  

good luck
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Ditto NG.

"And those papers were never provided. So I would like to know what should I do, thank you all and I know I shouldn't have had sex without a condom, but it wasn't the first time I did that, and I know myself when to pull out, like feeling im about to release"......................Well, to tell you the truth you are setting yourself up for A LOT of problems by having unprotected sex with strangers.  Pregnancy isn't the ONLY problem.  You have strains of Gonorrhea that don't respond to standard treatment, HIV, Chlamydia, Herpes, Verneral Warts, etc.  If you think you are safe from this you are sorely mistaken.

Just because you didn't feel yourself "release" doesn't mean you didn't.  

Time will tell if she is telling the truth, however, you need to take some ownership of this.  

BTW:  The Pull Out method is an OUTDATED method of BC and it's difficult to achieve perfectly each time.  It's the 21 century...............use condoms.

Use condoms EACH time and know who you are dealing with PRIOR to participating in sexual acts............those are the lessons to be learned here.
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Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it's absolutely possible to get a girl pregnant without ejaculation.  Preseminal fluid is capable of impregnating a woman.  You may have gotten lucky until now, but if you continue these practices, fatherhood will likely be in your future.

The BIGGER concern is STDs.  You're really risking a lot by having unprotected sex with strangers.  The fact that this partner has a history of being a heroin addict increases the likelihood that she could be infected with an STD, HIV being one concern  I would really encourage you to change your practices, and use a condom for vaginal or anal sex.  Sex lasts a moment, certain STDs last a lifetime.

As for this possible rouse this gal is pulling, I wouldn't fret too much, either there will be a baby or there won't.  A girl can only continue the charade for so long, and when they cannot produce a baby, the gig is up.

If indeed she has a baby, then get DNA testing, and if the baby is yours, hopefully you will support it and be a part of its life.  Good luck.
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I agree, you can get pregnant from pre-ejaculate, but you definately need her to take a paternity test when the baby's borm, thats if there is any baby business going on here.
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If your pre-ejaculate had sperm, then it's possible.  HOWEVER, the fact she made that statement during sex makes me wonder if there wasn't some sort of scheme going on.  Even if she does provide "proof," be wary.  Demand a paternity test when the baby's born and make choices then.
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