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Who is the father?

Hi everyone my last period was on Jan 11th 2022 I had sex with one guy on Jan 18th 2022 and the a different guy on Jan 23rd 2022, I'm thinking the first guy since it's only been a week since I had sex with the second one. What do you guys think?
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OK, you're saying you had a period 20 days ago, had sex 13 days ago and 8 days ago, and now you have had a positive pregnancy test?
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Also, would you note how long your average menstrual month is from day 1 of a period to day 1 of the following month's period? And is it a regular length (like, every 28 days like clockwork) or does it vary (for example, sometimes 25 days and sometimes 30 days and other numbers in other months?) If you're regularly at about 28 days from period to period, your ovulation would happen about 14 days before the next period. But if your cycles vary, you really can't tell by using a count like that.
Yes, I've gotten 3 faint positives because I didn't believe It actually was positive, 28-30 days is my normal cycle
First of all, when you say you've gotten 3 faint positives, you are certain those are not the dreaded "evaporation lines?" This is pretty early in a cycle to come up with a positive on a pregnancy test; it would have to be a very sensitive test. You might want to confirm by getting a blood test done at your doctor's.

Anyway, from the length of your cycle, you were expecting your next period to come February 8, 9 or 10? If so, and if your menstrual months never vary from the 28 - 30 days you mentioned year in and year out, the suggested dates of conception would be January 25 - 27, a range obtained from counting back 14 days from February 8 - 10.  

But since today is January 31, January 26 and 27 can be ruled out as too recent to give a positive on a pregnancy test on January 31.  This is because an embryo needs 6 days from sperm meeting egg to losing its shell and being able to embed in the uterus. Only when it does imbed, does it release the hormone that pregnancy tests find.

That suggests probably conception was on January 25th.  Mr. January 18's sperm could theoretically have lasted 6 days, but there is some scientific opinion that even if sperm is strong enough to stay alive 6 days, at day 6 it might not be able to penetrate the egg. And no scientific papers suggest sperm can live 7 days in a woman's body and still be viable.

This makes Mr. January 23 the likely candidate; both boy and girl sperm would still be alive in your tract on the the 25th. You said you don't think he was that likely because he was only a week ago, but the real surprise here is even getting a positive on a pregnancy test this early. It would be only a week ago that you ovulated, and that's quite a performance for a home pregnancy test.

Anyway, Mr. January 18 is a less sure bet than Mr. January 23; by this analysis Mr. 18 was a week too early, and Mr. 23 was just two days before ovulation, a much more likely spot.  

If your cycles vary in length (or have just begun to vary this month), or if the lines on the pregnancy test were from the tests sitting too long, then this analysis would be incorrect. Obviously, a DNA test is called for; the guys are too close together in time not to do one.
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