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Who’s my baby’s father ?

So, my lmp was January 11-15th . My cycles are pretty normal . I was tracking them but I started my period 1 day earlier than I normally would. I had sex with an ex on January 18th . He initially told me he pulled out but eventually when I found out I was pregnant he told me he didn’t. I had sex with a new partner everyday 19th - 25th . My due date was determined from my lmp and ultrasound as being October 18th . I’m thinking since I started my period a day early I might’ve ovulated a day earlier. I’m not sure.  Which Guy do you  think is the father? I’m planning on getting dna done & they are both aware of the situation I just want some insight. I’m constantly racking my brain not knowing.
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When you had a due date given to you "from my lmp and ultrasound," what does that mean? Did a doctor do an ultrasound and tell you a due date that agreed with the one that would come from your first day of your last period?
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Yes that’s correct
Since both guys were so close together (the 18th and the 19th), the only way you could hope to rule one of them out before a DNA test would be if the estimated due date given to you from an early ultrasound said that the baby was more likely to be conceived around the 25th-29th instead of around the 18th/19th. But the info you've given here doesn't suggest that. How early in the pregnancy was your first ultrasound?  
I was around 7 or 8 weeks when I had my first ultrasound. According to conception calculators it says I most likely conceived 24th or 25th but I know you could always ovulate early or later.
I also got a faint positive pregnancy test on February 6th. Not sure if that matters or not.
The conception calculator I used gave the range of the 23rd through the 27th, which puts both guys in the running because of how long sperm can live in the woman's reproductive tract.

Here's the data that you mentioned but that don't actually impact the situation:

- The fact that you started your last period one day earlier than normal. (This is not pertinent because your last period does not trigger your next ovulation. Ovulation is a start point, and the following period is its end point. If your last period before you got pregnant was a day early, it merely means that the ovulation a month before conception that might have been a day early. But that won't affect when your next month's ovulation was.)
- Whether or not your partner on the 18th pulled out. If the sex was unprotected, you could have had exposure to his sperm in any case. Pulling out is not really a functional method of birth control.
- The thought that if you ovulated one day later, the first guy would be ruled out. Sperm can live 4-6 days in your body, and there just aren't enough days before the conception date range to rule out the guy on the 18th. Basically, you would have had live sperm in your body from both guys from the 18th to the 23rd, if not longer.

So, all you can do is a DNA test. There are prenatal tests, as you can see in the note pinned at the top of this community. I'd see if both guys and you could split the cost 3 ways, so you would not have to wait until the baby is born. In any case, do the test with both men.
Okay thank you so much !
Did you do a pregnancy test that early because your menstrual months are only 26 days long or because you just had an idea that you might be pregnant?
My stomach felt a little funny. Like I didn’t feel sick but a little off & the guy that I was with from the 19th-25th finished inside every time. I didn’t consider the guy from the 18th
Well, I hope the dad is the guy you want. That said, the date offered by the size of the baby in your early ultrasound can't definitely rule out the first guy despite the second guy having more opportunities.
Thank you ! I hope so too . It’s stressful
Just coming back to update ! It ended up being the second guy like I thought it was
Delighted for you! As noted, he did have more opportunities. Congratulations and thanks for writing back!
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