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Who’s the possible father ?

So my period ended on November 2 ,2019 I had sex on November the 11th with my boyfriend then again on November 18th with another dude . I had trouble pinpointing my period! But it’s normally a 28 days cycle . I spoke to my obgyn doctor and they said my baby measured exactly corrrect and my due date is August 9th . Dude A states he didn’t ejaculate at all but he was high and dude B claims he didn’t ejaculate in me. According to my due date  Which would mean guy A has a strong possibility or being the father ?
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Using a "due date" calculator,  it says if you're due August 9th, the most likely window of sex with the father is Nov. 10-16.  So it's most likely your boyfriend's baby,  but not by much.  Could be either man's child.  
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So is it based off my period think the dates were confused it came on November 3 went off November 8th and my due date is August 9 is my boyfriend still the possible father
Ultrasound on January 3rd . Baby measured about 8 weeks and 5 days with a due date of August 9th
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When the ob/gyn told you that your baby measures "exactly correct," at what point in the pregnancy was this? And was it from an ultrasound?
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Yes it was from an ultrasound and this was just about a week ago . Measurements were on point
Everything gave me an exact due date of August 9th . I will be 22 weeks as of tomorrow April 5th
Hmm. Well, what counts for the purposes of trying to use your prior period for guessing when conception was is not its last day but its first day, and ultrasounds that were done later than  about your 8th week are not accurate enough to split the difference between two guys in the same week. Was the ultrasound in your 20th week the first one you had?

You said your period ended on the 2nd of November -- if this means your period began on (for example) around the 29th of October, the conception calculators will give you a conception date of November 12th. But if you go by the due date they gave you from the ultrasound in your 20th week, conception was on the 17th. Neither method (counting from your period or a late ultrasound) is going to be 100% accurate for dating the pregnancy.

Like RockRose, I would say there is some hope that your boyfriend is the dad, but the evidence is too slim to say for sure.
No it was not my first ultrasound my very first ultrasound was December 19 and I was approximately 7 weeks or going on 7 weeks . My obgyn doctor said she would believe it would be my boyfriends due to my due date .
And, she gave you the same due date?
Yes August 9th
OK, well, it's as close as these things can get, but it sounds from your early ultrasound like you were pregnant (by about one day) when you had sex with the second guy. Get a DNA test when the baby comes to confirm; that's too slim a margin to just assume. :) But it sounds a little more promising for the boyfriend than calculating from your period or a later ultrasound would be.
An ultrasound at 20 weeks is not as accurate as one at 10. While the baby is more likely your boyfriend’s, there is some chance it is dude B. Do you remember if you were particularly horny on that occasion, an indication of ovulation? Since dude B knows how things stand he would probably be happy to run a paternity test after the baby comes. The boyfriend need not know.
Well I mean yes but i was horny with both . My first ultrasound was December 19 I was just days apart from being 7 weeks . I just happened to ask her who would be more likely to be the father and she said my boyfriend as well because according to my previous ultrasounds I hit the exact due date of August 9th
Go with what your doc said, but check once the baby is born by getting a DNA test. Then you can put the whole issue to rest forever. :)
I will it’s just weird bc my bf claims he didn’t ejaculate at all! But like I said he was high nobody remembers what happened exactly
And I think I got my period mixed up . Think it came on nov 3 ended nov 8th and I have a due date of August 9
Ultrasound on January 3rd . Baby measured about 8 weeks and 5 days with a due date of August 9th
What you're saying points to the 17th for conception. Unfortunately, an 8 week/ 5 day ultrasound doesn't entirely confirm it. A 6th or 7th week ultrasound can be spot-on or maybe just one day off for estimating a conception date, but by the time the pregnancy is even a few weeks further along, differing growth rates of embryos will cause the doctor to say something like "give or take a week" if asked to estimate a conception date from an ultrasound.

Also, as I assume you know, if a guy has an erection after having ejaculated recently, and his penis is in your body without a condom, sperm can ride along into your vagina in his pre-ejaculatory fluid whether he ejaculates in you or not. The guys protesting that they didn't ejaculate makes no difference even if true. Lots of women have gotten pregnant without the guy ejaculating.

Is the baby a girl or a boy? Was the sex with your boyfriend on the 11th the last sex you had before the 18th? If the baby is a girl, there is a theory (look up Shettles method) that would support your boyfriend being the dad, if the last sex you had with him was no later than the 11th and you really didn't ovulate until the 17th.
The baby is a boy and the 11th was the only time we had sex . So no I didn’t have sex with him no later than the 11th
I know this is a costly option, but what about doing a prenatal DNA test with both guys? Would they both pony up a third of the cost of the test? It might be expensive, but it's cheaper than having to go to court in a child-support fight, and for one of them it will be a get-out-of-child-support-free card. If you do the prenatal testing, be sure to use a top-quality lab, and only do it if both guys will test.
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