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Can anyone adopt from Manhattan/Brooklyn High Kill shelters right now?

AFTER HURRICANE SANDY....there are so many homeless babies now in the two worst shelters in the New York area – the Manhattan and the Brooklyn shelters are the two highest Kill shelters in the area. They usually have no wait time and even babies as young as 14 or 16 weeks have not lived longer than 24 hours once inside. Please pray that they will stop the murdering and at least try and give these babies a chance to be reunited with their owners. Some must have gotten very frightened and run off.

Some people did leave their dogs and cats abandoned and saved themselves only. This was not necessary as all of the shelters in NY, NJ, and CT are all pet friendly. They learned from Katrina and pets are permitted everywhere however some people, we all know, should not be permitted to have pets and those are the ones who most likely abandoned them. If any of you are at the point where you want to save a life or two lives please get in touch with me. I know there is a tiny 12 pound white purebred poodle in need as well as a whole plethora of cats and dogs in desperate need of out of those Very High Kill Shelters very quickly. We have a transport system in place so if you think you cannot because you live in Virginia or New Hampshire don’t be too hasty as we can usually get these babies to those places.

If anyone can help, please contact Susan at:     s-b-e-r-1-9-@-m-s-n.-c-o-m

(please remove the "dashes" from this email address before sending. I had to put them in on my post here, or otherwise the email address wouldn't post. Thanks)
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