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Decembet mommies!!!!

Its finally our time!!!!! I'm due December 12 with a girl also a ftm...what about you ladies
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I am due on the 21st but it is looking like I will be having mine a little early. I have been followed for IUGR for a few weeks now and things just are not progressing the way my doc would like so I was told I may be looking at having mine next week (just have to wait to see what the specialists say to my doc and figure out the best plan for my baby). Baby has been measuring really small for a while and my ultrasound on Wednesday showed baby was still around 3 pounds 11 ounces.

I still do not know the gender of my baby, my mom is the only one who has had access to the privileged information but has been sworn to secrecy and cannot tell anyone. This is a fun process. I'm so looking forward to having my little one in my arms as long as baby is healthy. Just waiting to see what happens next and when it happens :)
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I'm due Dec. 9th and already 5cm so hoping she comes soon! Honestly didn't think I'd make it to 39 weeks but life is full of surprises :)
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