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Feeling Sick

Uggh, the past few days I have been feeling icky. First my nose started running non-stop, now my throat is a bit sore and I have a headache. Been like this since Saturday and I'm really hoping it's the pre-labor sniffles and not an actual cold...we shall see.

How is everyone else feeling?
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I just got over a cold like a week ago...I'm feeling fine just ready for the baby to come
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Glad you are feeling better :) I'm still under the weather but have a prenatal appointment tomorrow and hoping for some good news to cheer me up! Last check-up I was 3-4cm dilated with little to no effacement so hoping I've at least effaced some so more dilation can happen.
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I went to the doctor today they didn't check me though I go back next Wednesday I Will then be 39 weeks
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Yeah, I got checked at 36 weeks but not last week and midwife said she would check me again today if I want (I'll be 38w4d). Lets hope we both get good news! Starting to feel a little bit better today.
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