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YAY!!!!! My time has come... little early but I have my widdle one :D

Though the timing was not perfect and the outcome is not as perfect as I would have liked... I finally have my baby. I was not due until the 21st but since I got diagnosed with IUGR and preeclampsia I was induced the morning of the 5th. Unfortunately my baby did not like the contractions at all so I ended up have a c-section. My baby weighed in at 4 pounds 2 ounces 17.25 inches long. We already have a gain of half an ounce so I know things are going well with eating. And I finally got to find out if I was having a little boy or a girl. I have a very handsome son. Though he is small his lungs are doing really well. He is still in the NICU because he is having some troubles maintaining his blood sugar but hopefully he and I will get released from the hospital tomorrow or Sunday.

I wish you all the best of luck as you wait for your little bundles. The time is fast approaching and before you know it we all will have our little ones to start talking about :D
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Aww congrats hun ...I'm due on the 12 and patiently waiting
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Congrats! Take it easy and wishing you a quick recovery from the surgery.
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COngrats,,wishing u and LIttLe guy best Of Luck
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Congratulations !i have been reading your previous posts and i know it was difficult for you but finally you have your baby ,m really happy for you.
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