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pregnancy vent!

im now 35wks and 1cm..my dr plans to induce meat 37wks due to myhigh bp...but im cramping so bad,,period cramps, my back feels like it can split in two!!! i have sharp pains in my butt..pressure in my vagina, and this morning to top it off i get diarrhea!! Omg im so tired and just ready.to have my baby!!
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I'm sorry you are going through all of that. I had most of that stuff start up over the last couple days and as of this morning my back hurts so bad I can hardly move and it feels like my braxton hicks contractions are progressing to a non-stop pain and tightness that i can't get to go away. My hope is that some of these things we are going through are part of the process indicating baby will be here soon.
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yea me too...i hope we wont have too much longer
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Sounds like the beginning of back labor to me :/ Hope you gals start to feel better soon!
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