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Concerned about dvt/blood clots.

I know that many people can have these and show few, to no, symptoms and it's bothering me.

I'm a 26 year old full-time worker (fast food/high stress). I'm on my feet extensively for work (7 - 9) hours a night.
I don't eat/drink junk food/high fats or consume much alcohol. I am, however, a smoker. Usually 2 packs a week for the past four years.

my risk factors would be: smoking, i used to be quite obese but am now in a healthy bmi range (250 lb 2 years ago, 135 lb now at 5'2"), and sitting for long periods of time at my desk/bed on computer (i do make an effort to move/stretch out my legs/feet all the time though)

I've noticed some symptoms over the past few months (since April) having to do with my left leg. It started with a sore spot (like razor burn) on the outside of my thigh, but lately as gotten worse. I've been to the ER for sudden, jolting/tingling that scared me twice, yet they said it was nothing. My left leg cramps up and spasms daily, usually during the night (i work night shifts): my knee/thigh aches deeply, muscle spasms, and jolting pain at the front of my ankle/knee/back and side of calf. I know I'm a natural worrier and I don't want to come across as being a hypochondriac, but I'm very concerned that this could be DVT/blood clot.

I've tried to talk to a doctor about getting an ultrasound, but I was just prescribed muscle cream that did nothing.

I've tried: elevating my legs while I sleep, light exercise, wearing a compression stocking, numerous nsaids (naproxen, mortin), aspirin, hot/cold compresses/creams, and even muscle-relaxants, but nothing seems to be working. Most of my pain is a general dull aching that gets worse the longer I am on my feet, but eases up entirely when I'm laying down. Along with the problems with my left leg, my lower/upper back are incredibly tight and achy (progressively worse over the past two years).

Should I continue to try and seek a doctor for blood work/ultrasound? I really would like to figure out what's wrong, I just feel, because of my age and previously diagnosed anxiety/depression, that I'm not being taken seriously at all and it's frustrating/making my anxiety worse.
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